August 25, 2005

 As she has done hundreds of times before, She began stinging me in the foot again yesterday August 24, 2005 around noon. she awoke me at 1:05 am and kept me awake until past 4am stinging me in the foot, elbow and leg, whit the stinger she rigged to hurt me. During the more than three hours she tortured and tormented me she caused such sweating that my jeans were once again drenched. I fell asleep sometime after four am and missed the sunrise; I was even late for the doctor’s appointment. During the year 2003, I believe it was March, this woman and her friends began wakening me up in the middle of the night hurting me with voltage, at the time I overheard her discussing, with her three friends, keeping me awake at night hurting and tormenting me until the sleep depravation caused hospitalization. That spring, March 2003, she did in fact cause such sleep depravation that I did get sick. She did the same thing again the month of June 2003 and has tried the same several times since. I need rest when I lay down to sleep, not some strung out drug addict harassing me. I sure do hope somebody makes her leave me alone soon. Also the woman is still tormenting me daily waving her hand and objects in my line of view. You know, when those that know her are watching what she is broadcasting onto my vision from a monitor, they are watching a monitor and I don’t know if they realize how disruptive she and her crap is, for example, when she throws something at the camera that she is using to transmit the crap she broadcast onto my vision, to those watching her on a monitor it looks like she hit the monitor screen with something, to me, since its my eyes, its like she threw something that hit me in the eyes. When you see her waving her hands and crap in front of the camera, it simply looks like she’s waving her hands and crap across a monitor screen but with me, since its my vision she’s transmitting on, its like she’s waving her hand and crap across my eyeballs and I complain about everything she does. I’ve been complaining since the day she started, I hope those giving money to this woman finds somebody else and a different company soon. I’m really really tired of being tormented by this woman and her crap. Stephen Wayne Reno. August 25, 2005 


Ps, I’m really sick of hearing this stupid woman asking me if I’ll look at her.

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