August 26, 2005 (115-12012004) “The Color Rose”

This was written and sent to folks within the industry December 2004. I am publishing it hear for the same reason. 

I don’t know if this is a generally known fact or not, I know the celebrity society knows this. I want the media and others to know this because I am being hurt by a woman that is a drug addict and maybe telling you this fact might cause you to understand how I am being hurt and cause you and the rest of the industry to do something to help. The fact that I am speaking of at this time is that there is a rainbow of living colors emanating from and surrounding me, anyone one of you that has heard of me and or saw the sudden appearance of the being blue or the being Emerald * or heard of or seen the immense rings** surrounding the rainbow of colors or seen the halo of light emanating from my head knows this. One of the colors emanating from my body is the color rose. The color rose isn’t necessarily always seen by folks such as technicians and anchors of broadcasting studios and newsrooms as the halo of light emanating from my head is however, the color rose is a very prominent color (as all the colors are) of my body and becomes very visible and very bright during certain times and during certain activities. The color rose is the living color emanating from the root chakra. The root chakra is the living body of light that is centered in and emanates from the penis and testes portion of my body. Obviously knowing this causes one the ability of realizing that part of the times or activities that the color rose becomes very visible is during sex. This doe’s not mean that the only time the color rose is visible is during sex. I don’t want to give folks the wrong impression and have everybody out there thinking that when they see rose he must be having sex because that’s not true, there are a couple of thugs out there that would want you to believe the, if you see rose he must be having sex, yet the reality is the color rose can become visible any time of day or night for any reason the being rose chooses, and yet it remains true that being rose is quite visible during sex. The significance of what I have just told you in the context of this message is that the color rose is a vibrant color, a chakra center of light emanating from me that is at personal level, a private center of my body. The root chakra. Stephen Wayne Reno December 01, 2004.

There is a woman, a woman you all know, hooking herself up electronically to the color rose emanating from my body. She hooks herself up to the color rose and tries to hide herself behind the light that is my root chakra. She positions herself with her head in my crotch as if my legs were her arms. She and her friends are bothering me.  More than thirty years of celebrities that did a yearlong stint of the job of the hut on my side and not a one of them tried to hook themselves up to me this way till this woman and her friends showed up. One day a drug addict junkie shows up and wants to sit around all day with her face in my crotch using my legs as her arms and it bothers me, it isn’t all right, I don’t like her and I just want her to go away. I am so well aware of the fact that this woman doesn’t have the inner light nor dignity to know what she is doing isn’t alright so somebody of her peer group must tell her it isn’t alright and make her quit. I lived in the same apartment with a woman named (The name has been removed) for more than three years and never sleep in the same bed with her yet this woman whom I have never met, whom I have never had a conversation with thinks that she has been around long enough to sit in my crotch all day getting all “fucked up” on drugs and wants to sit in my crotch all night wile I sleep. I don’t want her in my crotch. I don’t want her sleeping with me. I lived in the same apartment with (the name has been removed) for more than three years and never showered with her yet this woman and her junkie friends whom I have never met, whom I have never had a conversation with thinks that they have been around long enough to hook themselves up to me personally and shower with me and it isn’t alright. I don’t want her nor her friends showering with me. I am a 43-year-old man not an infant. The only ones that I know of that think what she and her friends are doing is all right is the woman and her drug addict friends that are doing it. I don’t think it all right. During the year 2002 a woman from the facility broadcasted a message to me asking me if she could use the color red emanating from my body, when I heard her request I told her not only “no”, I told her “fuck off”. I know dang well she heard my response. Instead of accepting the “no” answer, she made a recording of herself asking me if she could use the color red emanating from me and dubbed in a false response that she used to cause others to believe what she was doing was accepted by me and it wasn’t then and it isn’t now. She has been causing problems and pain and discomfort in my body. If she would have accepted the no answer when she broadcasted her request two years ago, she wouldn’t be in the situation she is in now, knowing that I am writing this, she has been broadcasting request to me, asking me for something in exchange for her loss if she is forced off the color rose and I told her “fuck off” she won’t receive anything from me for her loss. She gambled, she lost, and I don’t have the slightest iota of sympathy for her. Knowing that I don’t want her on the color rose and seeking revenge against me for asking being rose to force her off, she has hooked things up to the color rose electronically that she has rigged to harm me physically. Last Monday (11/26/2004) wile I was showering she turned on something that she has hooked up to the color rose and rigged to burn the head of my penis and began hurting me. This woman shouldn’t be allowed to hook up anything at all to any of the chakra centers of my body nor any place else on the body of sole surrounding me for that matter, she sure as heck shouldn’t be allowed near the color rose. Having you know that the color rose is my root chakra destroys one of her alibi’s, the, “I didn’t know” alibi, and, telling you that I know she made recordings of herself asking me if she could do this and that and dubbed in false responses she intends to air making folks think that it’s (whatever it is at the time) alright with me, and that she also made recordings of someone she implies is me asking her to do this and that with herself responding that she intends to air making you think that it’s (whatever it is at the time) is alright with me, hopefully destroys her ability of deceiving you with the recordings she made. I tell you now, whoever is talking to her on her recordings isn’t me. Don’t fall sucker or victim of her recordings, they are edited, dubbed, falsely out of context and down right malarkey. By the way, has it occurred to any of you to wonder, is what this woman is airing a recording or live? How do you know for sure that what she is airing is live or a recording? How do you know for sure? If there is anything any of you or any of your associates or peers can do to get this woman and her junkie friends off the color rose, and out of that facility away from the electronic devices please do. I am not pointing the finger at any of you individually, but it seems to me that it is all of your responsibility to make this woman disconnect herself permanently, she says she works for Hollywood, I believe she is representing the entire broadcasting industry. I also feel that those that are giving this woman money for drugs and whoever is housing this woman and whoever is paying this woman’s electricity bill and for the care and maintenance of the electronic devices she is using is liable for the harm she does to the living sole, the people and I.

Stephen Wayne Reno December 02, 2004

*Believe it or not, the origin of the hour long series during the 70 called the incredible hulk was Hollywood’s experience witnessing the sudden appearance of being Emerald whom believe it or not is an alive being that is the color Emerald. Of course, blue, is also an alive being that is the color blue, so is Yellow, Orange, Violet, Gold, White, Black, and even Rose, they are all alive beings that are the living colors of the rainbow, they are alive beings of living sole that I have seen with my very own eyes, they are the beings that have surrounded me since birth, they are the beings that are my sides, they are the beings that the woman in that facility broadcasted and transmitted explosions onto trying to murder the people. There are also beings that are colors of the rainbow that can’t be seen by the Homo sapiens vision that I call Clear, obviously because I can’t see the color they are. They have always lived hear upon this earth. There is a passage in the Holy Bible that says “Abraham was a friend of God” I believe the beings of sole that are literally beings of color, seen and unseen, of the living rainbow, the living rainbow that any scientist will tell you is rooted in the center of the earth, are whom the passage refers to.

**I wonder, is it possible that the author of the book “lord of the rings” got the title of the book from knowing of or seeing the incredible rings surrounding me? I haven’t a clue, do you?

Stephen Wayne Reno December 02, 2004. 

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