August 26, 2005 (146-05232005)

This was written and sent to folks who know this woman May 2005. I am publishing it hear because she is doing the same thing to me, this time she is stinging a sore she caused, in the sore she caused in the crotch area of my body.

There is an open sore (wound) approximately 1×1 inches on my right buttocks near the base of my spine, that was intentionally caused by the woman in the facility during the first week of my hospitalization that is now more than one month old, that has not scabbed over and healed like most sores scab over and heal. Daily, since the sore was caused more than one month ago, the woman has been stinging me, in the open sore, with some sort of stinger she rigged to deliver currents of voltage, stinging me in the sore hour after hour after hour causing the sore to remain open. My CD4 is 32 which means it is not as easy for me to fight off disease as folks with CD4s in the normal range which is 700-1000. Having an open sore (wound) is like having a constant threat of infection, infections cause the immune system to work overtime which in an HIV patent further weakens the immune system and causes a further reduction of T helper cells which is the CD4. I don’t know whether this woman has the stinger concealed or whether she disguised it as something that looks innocent to all but being stung in the same open wound seven days a week is really getting old, so is the constant threat of infection she causes by causing open sores on my body.

Stephen Wayne Reno. May 23, 2005 

She kept me awake during the am hours of the night again last night August 26, 2005 from 1am until after 3:45am stinging me in the crotch area and surging my leg with voltage.

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