August 30, 2005 (212-08302005)

Is anybody out there that knows this woman as tired of her playing those recordings she records backward as I am? Something that really really grates on me, she sits there watching a monitor displaying my thoughts and when she realizes that I’m going to get up to go to the bathroom she broadcasts a message, “Stephen, would you go into the bathroom for me”, she sees that I am thinking about making coffee and broadcasts a message “Stephen, would you make coffee for me” she sees that I’m thinking of  walking upstairs and she broadcast a message “Stephen, would you go upstairs for me” then she plays the recording backward and it looks like this broad, that I really hate to death, has been sitting around telling me to go into the bathroom and I did, it looks like she told me to make coffee and I did, it looks like she told me to go upstairs and I did. Reality, I can’t imagine the type of lack of personality you’d need to be to sit around doing what this stupid broad tells you to do but I do know it isn’t me. How degrading, what a defamation of my character, she says it pleases her to make her recordings appear as if she sat around telling me what to do and I did it. I think she is stench, I don’t know whether she has been airing this crap to the industry but if she doesn’t, she got them, the recordings, hidden, waiting for the opportunity to bring them out as part of a con job. To me they, the recordings, are evidence that this woman was sitting there spying on me, watching my thoughts, trying to use them for her own personal gain and to hurt me and I’m offended, I’ve spent more than two years telling folks I couldn’t stomach this woman and she sits around making recordings that suggest otherwise.

NOTE; I do think of this woman and her three friends as spying on me because of their actions, such as seeing where I hid money then telling someone else to go steel it. I do not think of others that tune in around this woman, wanting to see the truth instead of her version, as spies spying on me, after all, I’m the one that invited folks to tune in around her, I even told the people and God that I hoped others would tune in around her to see the real thing, in real time, I’m the one that wrote “the electronic age has afforded all men the opportunity to look into my eyes, don’t let a dead woman’s lies deprive you your opportunity”. I’m remembering a song by Darrel Hall and John Oats who by the way is still to this very day the duo that sold more albums than any other duo to date, called “private eyes”, which I sang to every time I heard it, in fact, I liked and sang all their songs, even the obscure ones found only on the albums that never received air time,  and, I still do. Anyway I don’t want to give others the impression that if they look into my eyes that I’ll think their spying on me or depriving me of my privacy because their not, this woman in front of the camera and her three friends are the only ones that I don’t want looking into my eyes and as I said, it because of their own actions. Any parent can relate to this, ever notice when your child doesn’t want to look into your eyes you since that he or she has done something that you’d be angry or disapprove of, ever notice when your wife, husband, domestic partner, friend, workmate or whoever doesn’t want to look you in the eye you get the sense something’s wrong, that maybe they did something they don’t want you to know about or that they are lying to you, well I feel the same way about all of you, if you are afraid to look into my eyes I’m wondering, what have you done to God, the people or I, that you are afraid to look into my eyes?

Stephen Wayne Reno. August 30, 2005



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