September 15, 2005 215-09152005

I’m still really really really tired of this stupid bag of shit waving her hands and trinketry in front of my eyes. The real truth is I don’t like her, I don’t like what she does, I think she has one of the worst personalities I’ve ever experienced and the fact that I can’t stomach her is not going to change. I know there are better out there, the stress this woman is causing is such that she is really not good for me at all. I might not come to the library every day of the week writing a new letter stating that she is still bothering me or that I still hate her guts but you can be sure that I still hate her guts and if the bitch is still sitting there, she’s bothering me.

Stephen Wayne Reno September 01, 2005

This woman has been putting some sort of what appears to be glass slides on the camera lens that she has been using to transmit images onto the spectrum of my vision, the material inside of the slides seems to react with something she has on her hand, when she waves her hands the faces and dots on the slides waves back and forth across my field of view and obstructs my eyesight, I have been complaining about this for so many many months, the months have turned into years. Also this stupid bag of in my opinion shit has the slides loaded with her stinking face and has been forcing me to stair at her face pictures and I really am tired of this woman and her face crap. January 01 of this year she began intentionally obstructing my vision with her slide crap during the moments I watch the sunrise, moonrise, sunset, moonset, I don’t get up in the middle of the night to see her puke, I get up to see the moon rise, I don’t get up in the mornings to see her ether, I get up to see the sunrise. When she saw how angry it made the people to disrupt my vision during these times she simply did it more, the woman’s slide crap has bothered God, the people and I so much that the people hate her to, they testified they are also tired of this woman’s slide crap. This is how it is, this is a decision that I believe the being that is the body of light inside of and around me and the people of God and myself have made and anybody that doesn’t like this decision is shit out of luck cause this is the reality “the woman’s slide crap is perceived as an obstruction that must and indeed shall be removed”.

Stephen Wayne Reno. September 15, 2005



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