September 15, 2005 216-09152005

I saw the dead woman running across the TV screen naked Saturday morning, approximately 7:45am, so did every body else, She is the woman that I refer to as the dead woman, she is the woman that I refer to as the woman and her two or three friends the other two or three thugs are her friends, she is the woman that I wrote about when I wrote “I have been the victim of an extortion attempt that I am not going to succumb to…” dated March 2003 which was a letter seeking help getting her out of my life, she has been trying to extort me since September 1996, she is the woman I was writing about when I wrote “A breathing dead woman who’s name I do not know…” dated March 2003 which was another letter asking for help removing her. She is the woman I have written more than 215 letters against that are letters seeking help removing her and her two or three friends. I hate this woman, I hate her two or three friends, this time she cant say I didn’t recognize her because as every saw, she didn’t have anything to hide behind this time, in fact, she looked as if she was using one hand to hide something that was in her butt hole. She is the woman that I personally witnessed sending messages to her two or three friends to harm me, which her two or three friends so readily carried out. 

She broadcasted a message onto my side after running across the room naked that she had just woke up, bull, she was awake and harassing me at sunrise, she made a comment that it was her “stuff” that was causing the sore on my crotch which I told the people and God about moments before. 

The woman and her two or three friends are still hurting me in the sore she caused, the new photos reveal the sore is worse. I’ve seen a dermatology specialist and can tell you it is not a fungus, I can also tell you it is not scabies as the woman in that facility told folks by broadcasting that it was, it is not a biotic ether, soon I will have the results of a biopsy that I know will rule out everything else other than the facts I have stated. The sore on my crotch is the result of being repeatedly burned seven days a week by the woman in that facility hooking things up to my crotch that have burned me and as a result of that woman hooking that man up to me and putting things on his and the naked woman crotch that are hurting me. If you were all convinced that that man wears shorts you were the victim of a con, they probably staged the event. I witnessed that woman that I call “the chimp faced baboon woman” (because she isn’t very pleasing to look at and because she crawls around on her hands and knees under the legs of the naked man and that woman sticking things into his rectum, tickling his scrotum wile hooked to my body etcetera) reaching between the naked mans legs and I felt her grabbing his testes, she has been doing this for awhile now and I know she isn’t doing this to him as a result of affection, she is doing this and other things to him wile he is hooked up to my body to hurt me, this man has been hooking something under his penis that causes problems on my body, she has been hooking something up between his legs that is hurting the sore that she and that man caused. The other day, she turned the electricity on to something she had hooked to the urethra of his penis which she devised to hurt me and I heard him scream, and I quote “not wile I’m getting off” which tells me that he was trying to ejaculate himself wile hooked to my side. He and the naked woman has been putting things on the side of their legs and on his scrotum and penis that is hurting the sore and causing sweating in my crotch which worsens the sore and the real question is not necessarily what is it that your putting on your crotch that is hurting him, him being myself, although knowing what it is would help prove that they are knowingly hurting me and causing the sore, the real question is why are you still hooking yourselves up to him, again him being myself, if this woman tells you that she isn’t hooking him up she is lying, she has been hooking a wire to the base of his spine between his buttocks that I know of because it causes a sore on me. She hasn’t disconnect that man for years, he won’t even disconnect himself to urinate or defecate, I know so because it makes me feel as if I need to go to the bathroom.


This is really the bottom line, that man and woman and woman has caused amongst many other sores a very large sore on my crotch that isn’t getting better because they are hurting me there daily and nightly. I am not the only one that man and woman and woman has hurt, they have hurt Gods people and the being that is the body of light living in and around me many many times over the years.

This is The decision that has been made by the being that is the Light surrounding me, Gods people and of course myself. Since the man and woman and woman won’t leave us alone and voluntarily get off my personal sides of their own free will, someone must remove them, permanently. If the being and Gods people are the ones that force the thugs off my personal sides, amongst other things the being will make it impossible to broadcast in this area of the body of light and whatever else they, the being and Gods people, and to whatever extent I myself can feels like doing to force this group of thugs off my personal sides. Whatever the industry looses as a result of the being and God’s people being put into a situation of having to evict the thugs off my personal sides, such as the loss of the ability to broadcast in this area of the body of light, the industry will not recover. What this means is, if the industry doesn’t remove these thugs from my personal sides and force them out of our lives permanently, the being and God’s people will, if the industry makes the being and the people of God do the eviction, the industry will loose and there losses will be such that their ability of transmitting and broadcasting onto and across the immense body of light will be severely limited. Whatever hardship these limitations causes will be perceived as the industry’s own fault, they will not be helped by the being, the people of God nor myself, they should have taken it upon themselves to remove the thugs before so much hurt and harm was caused. Yesterday September 14, 2005 during the 10pm hour I asked the being “if what I have spoken (which was the decision that I have written hear) is really the decision that we have made, how can I convince the world outside of that facility that I have spoken the truth? The being answered me by doing something that I saw him do with my eyes but do not know the extent of the effect out there in industry land. I believe the being made it impossible to broadcast in the closest rings by separating himself from another being, both of whom are beings of light some call “my sides”. To assure everyone out there just how serious I am in what I have said hear I think perhaps, perhaps again around the 10pm hour, I’ll ask the being yet another question that if he answers, will assure the industry the thugs must be removed.

Stephen Wayne Reno September 15, 2005     

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