September 19, 2005 217-09192005

On numerous occasions the woman harassing me indicated that celebrities believe the sun is the problem. Fuck her.

She says she is raping the sun on behalf of all the celebrities that want to get even with the sun, Fuck her.

She says that since the sun forced the celebrities and the rest of the world to suffer through the his sexual heyday, which by the way was 1978 through 1983 that the sun should haft to suffer through her and her butt stuffing sessions in that facility such as her fisting that man and woman she’s fisting. Fuck her. 

I got news for you, no matter what this bitch says, the sun didn’t force his sexual heyday on anybody, and if celebrities think he did, Fuck them to.

What is more accurate to say is that the celebrities took the suns sex life away from him by allowing this bitch and her rapist friends on his side.


Since that bag of shit refuses to quit hooking that naked man and herself up to my body and wile hooked up won’t quit doing things to themselves that are hurting me, such as whatever was put on his or her underarms that was causing sores on my underarms, witch by the way are just now beginning to heal up, such as sticking her fist into his rectum in front of you which she does whether you believe she does or not, such as her holding something on his and or her crotch in the same location where the sore has been caused on my crotch, such as him putting something on his penis that hurts and bothers mine and me, the answer is simple remove the man and woman that refuse to quit hooking themselves up to me and doing these things and the problem is solved. The sun isn’t the problem in this situation, the man and woman and woman that refuse to quit hooking themselves up to him is the problem.


She is still causing sweating, hurting the sore, broadcasting explosions, and all in all simply bothering me. Have you ever been in a room with someone you really hated? Having this bitch and her two or three friends on my personal side is like being in a room with someone I can’t stomach, someone I hate to death, and I didn’t walk into the room where she is, she invited herself into my room, which is my personal side. Obviously, I can’t leave the room, the room in this situation is my personal side, I was born in these rings, that means the bitch has got to go, this means the bitches two or three friends must go, this means that the sun isn’t the problem in this situation, the bitch and the bitches two or three friends that slithered up on to the sun’s personal side where they aren’t welcome are the problem. Removing them, shutting them down and turning their crap off solves the problem. By the way I have told this bitch and her friends quit using my belongings as props and quit using my apartment as a set and I mean it. It might not look like she is doing this to you but if you were experiencing what I experience you would know she is doing this and I’ve had enough of this bitch and her freak shoe and the bitch and her crap show.


Since this woman refuses to let me watch a sunrise or set without obstructing my vision, (the fact that however many days of the year 2005 has lapsed is the same number of days that this bag of shit has obstructed my eyesight waving her hands and slide crap in front of my eyes during sunrise and set is a very good indication that she isn’t going to quit of her own free will) and since this bitches system of waving her hands and slide crap ola doesn’t afford me the ability of looking out of my very own eyeballs to see what I want to look at without hindrance or obstruction from her or the slides, and since I really really hate the bitch it would seem that shutting her down and turning her off solves the problem, and besides, with her and her crap shut down nobody has to look at the dicks and crotches she is constantly panning the area looking for with that camera, and also, Hollywood can spend there money on something and someone better, perhaps someone with integrity for a pleasant change. The sun isn’t the problem in this situation, the bitch that is bothering him is the problem.


Since that stupid bitch doesn’t seem to have the ability of reading that monitor without thinking somebody is sending her secret messages to hurt me, remove the bitch so she cant read the monitor, problem solved. The sun isn’t the problem in this situation, the bitch reading the monitor is the problem.


Since the other stupid bitch that really is sending her messages telling her to do things that will harm me doesn’t seem to have the ability of quitting sending messages  telling her to do things she knows will hurt me, remove her from the electronics and facility so she can’t send her any more messages, problem solved. The sun isn’t the problem in this situation, the bitch sending the messages is the problem.


Since the bitch (both of them) doesn’t seem to have the ability of reading a monitor displaying my spoken words, thoughts and conversations with God’s people and God without butting in my conversations and rebutting and critiquing my every sentence, remove them so they cant read what I’m saying and thinking, problem solved. The sun isn’t the problem in this situation, the bitch that won’t mind her own business and quit butting in my conversation is the problem.


Has anybody bothered to ask her and her two or three friends one of whom is that man that I can’t stomach that refuses to disconnect himself, why is it that she sits there reading my words and thoughts and conversations in real time, as I’m thinking, speaking and conversing, (proof of this is the fact she is constantly bothering me by butting into my conversation and or by broadcasting some remark about something I’ve said or thought as she sits there acting as if she is the judge of my words and thoughts) but doesn’t want anybody outside that facility doing the same thing? If this woman has told folks that she has a program deciphering the words being written in my eyes, she is lying, most folks in America don’t need a program to decipher the English language. I discovered folks throughout the TV industry could see the words being printed in my eyes 1993/4 and the bitch didn’t have a program then ether. I know so because she discovered others could read the words being printed because of the fact I discovered such and was terrified someone would find out how much I hated her guts. The sun isn’t the problem in this situation, the woman trying to use the sun as a pawn in her scams is the problem.


By the way, nothings changed about the stupid bag of shit that went running across the room naked last Saturday, I hate the bitches guts, if she told folks that I was her friend, she lied, I have never been this broads friend.

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