September 20, 2005 218-09202005

The woman that dubbed the name Lori over the word Lord every time I called out to the lord and then sat there in that facility pretending that I was calling her has become a problem to me, her hatred of God, the people and I has caused her to become a threat to my happiness and to my survival. My hatred of her causes my violent anger against her as she sits there harassing the people and I. I do not feel comfortable with her in my space. I do not feel safe with her using the electronics that have been used to hurt me so many times. I am not comfortable with her sitting there spying on me reading my words and thoughts. The stress this situation causes is severe. The violent anger she causes has caused me to strike out punching at her time after time after time. This is not a situation that can be rectified mutually, she has done so much to hurt and harm the sole living in and around me and has tried to murder the people of God so many times that I could never trust or like her. I truly truly, hope that somebody outside of the facility she is in, is monitoring the activities and transitions of this woman and the other thugs that are in that facility with her, ether blatantly or without their knowledge, in any and every way possible, i.e. eavesdropping on their conversations, mirroring without her knowledge the computer she uses and or whatever means are available to whomever is monitoring them. I believe this woman’s intentions are that of harming me in any way she thinks she can get away with, including causing my death. She and her friends are not welcome in the rings surrounding me, not today nor tomorrow, not ever. She and her friends will not receive help from the being nor the people of God nor I. I will be a whole bunch happier when she and her friends have vacated my sides and are gone.

Stephen Wayne Reno September 20, 2005 

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