September 21, 2005 (221-09212005)

The woman in the facility attempting forcing God’s people to say the made up bull crap comments that she wants them to say has been disrupting the transmittions of the licensed TV stations by surging the bodies of light surrounding the people, attempting murdering them. She has also been disrupting the transmittions of the licensed TV stations by somehow using the electronics in the facility she is in to flicker the signal being broadcast by the licensed TV stations as if she was flicking a fuse switch on and off causing a brief momentary cutoff of the TV stations signal. I don’t know how widespread the disruptions are but I imagine it’s the entire region. The possibility that this woman could be damaging sensitive electronic equipment belonging to others by doing this seems to be real. The reason she is doing this to God’s people is because they won’t say the made up crap she tells them to say. I am not defending her, they have minds of their own and are going to tell the facts. Facts that they’ve witnessed, facts that they know of and they are going to speak their own minds, which is also the mind of God. Simultaneously, as the people get past her and tell the facts and speak their own mind, she has been sitting there implying that she is the person that made or caused them to tell the facts they tell and for saying the words they said, she is not. She is attempting taking credit for the things the people say and the facts they know as if she instructed them to say what they said, she is a con artist and does not deserve the credit. The people and God deserve the credit. They have much to tell before my time is over and that doesn’t leave any time for her made up bull-crap-ola spiels, and if there are any extra moments, they’ll be spending them with God and myself not her. They are the people that printed the information about Pamela Butler that to this day she still lies about. They are extremely intelligent and should be read by all, not just her and her three friends, even if folks need to tune in around this woman the people should be read, without interruption from her, and without her attempting murdering them. Just because this woman and her three friends have done so much to harm God and God’s people that she and her three friends are afraid of the truth doesn’t mean everybody else is. If this woman wants to say something of her own she’ll haft to find someone and someplace else.

Ever hear of the IMAX theater, Maybe my eyes will become one.

Stephen Wayne Reno September 21, 2005


Isn’t anyone out there tired of this woman attempting murdering God’s people?

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