September 22, 2005 (221-09222005)

This is what the people told me and this is what I saw. I saw a little short woman walking across a room to a chair that was situated in front of a large green, blue or silver screen that was the backdrop of the room. The little short woman sat down in the chair, after seated in the chair she reached forward and flipped a switch that turned on a projector that began projecting images onto her and the backdrop that was the large green, blue or silver screen in back of the chair. The image being projected was an image of the woman getting out of the chair and walking over to and out of a door that if you were looking as if to see the backdrop screen, was on the right side of the room, as the image of the short woman walked out the door, the door closed. The little short woman, still sitting in the chair, images still being projected onto her and the backdrop reached with her right hand and arm over to a table or cart of some sort on her right side and pulled the table or cart closer to herself, after pulling the table or cart over next to herself she reached onto the table or cart and grabbed an object from it that she then positioned beneath her buttocks. I could not see what the object that she pulled of the table or cart was but I did see her grab it. Moments after positioning the object beneath her buttocks I could feel that she was inserting the item into her rectum and I began speaking out complaining about she was doing, I don’t remember how long she sat there in the chair with the object inside herself but I believe it was probably all night. If this little short bag of shit was down at the no tell motel doing her own thing with or without a partner I could care less but she’s not, she has invited herself into my house, onto my side, where she is not welcome, she has hooked herself up to my body against my will and without my consent and has been doing this since April 2001 and I would really appreciate somebody removing her. She has repeatedly broadcasted messages onto my personal side saying that she was chosen by Hollywood and is there so that I can have a normal sex life. Does any celebrity out there really think that I want to hop in the sack and get it on with a partner of my own choice with this ugly slut hooking herself to my side trying to get her rotted snatch off? No thanks. If this was the best Hollywood could find my God the must be desperate, talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel, my gosh, this bitch was so far down they didn’t scrape her off the bottom, they had to lift the barrel up and found her underneath. This little short woman has the worst personality of any individual I’ve ever experienced, this bitch is short on charisma, short on good looks, short on personality, short on intelligence, in fact this broad is short of everything other than shit. Remember the joke about piling it that high. Something’s got to happen to get this woman off my side. Today I asked the being that is my side if he agreed with what I had said pertaining to getting this broad removed and less than moments later he came down to the floor indicating he did, that he also wants her removed. Moments later I asked the people if they also agreed, I don’t know what they did or said but I know they agree, she’s got to go. If this woman truly is the woman Hollywood selected for my side Hollywood has a real problem and to solve it they can unselect her.

Stephen Wayne Reno September 22, 2005

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