September 22, 2005 (222-09222005)

The woman seen running across the room naked has been hooking some sort of electrode patch onto the sides of her legs where the sore is on my leg is, wile connected to my body and side, and is hurting the sore she caused. The other woman has been hooking similar or maybe even the same electrode type patches to the underside of the naked mans penis, his testes and also on the sides of his legs where the sore on my crotch is and has been hurting me also. She has been hooking herself and that man up to me at nighttime wile I’m trying to sleep and I said hundreds of times I don’t want that naked man in my bed, I don’t want that naked slut in my bed, I’m 44 years old and want to sleep alone. I haven’t heard his and her excuses for hooking themselves up to my body wile I’m sleeping but no matter what it is it isn’t good enough because I want to sleep alone. That naked woman and that man and woman have woke me up in the one o’clock hour the last three nights in a roe hurting the sore she caused on my crotch and my feet. The chimp faced woman has been forcing me to suffer through her fondling the mans scrotum and testes as she sticks things into his rectum, and it is the naked woman seen running across the TV screen last Saturday that is hurting my feet. The sooner someone outside that facility catches the naked woman (the naked woman is the woman seen running across the TV screen naked) and or that man (that staged everyone catching himself with shorts on yet still sits around naked) putting the electrodes or anything onto their legs where the sore is on my crotch or onto that mans penis and testes, the sooner folks will realize I’ve told the truth about the fact she and her two or three friends caused the crotch sore, and everything else for that matter. Attaching an electrode under your penis, on your testes or on your leg in the same location where a sore has been burned onto my crotch isn’t an accident, they’re doing it intentionally with malicious intent of harming me. Somebody needs to get that harlot and that naked man out of my bed at night and off my side cause otherwise I’m going to cause as much trouble as I can. I can’t believe Hollywood is letting this naked man force himself on me like this.

Stephen Wayne Reno September 22, 2005

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