october 27, 2005 (231-10272005)

I am publishing this hear again, separately because of it’s importance to me.


Sunday, October 23, 2005 11:24 AM I was 30 some odd years old when Hollywood and the media industry began condoning a rapist and the man she inserts her fist into, that had invited themselves onto my personal side, the side of my crotch and rectum. The man and woman secretly raped me in for more than eight years by the time I had been raped enough to tell. By the time I had had enough of being raped in secrecy, I began writing letters, letters to the media whom I knew knew who I was, by that time which was during the year 2002, the rapist and the man she fists were so well known throughout the industry and in celebrity circles from positioning themselves on my side, that irrelevant of whether they were liked or not, it seemed like it was difficult getting them, the media, to realize that I was telling the truth. When I began writing letters I wanted to write to those that knew who I was, it seemed easier to me to write a letter to someone that at least knew who I was rather than haft to explain to them that I was the one with the sides the woman and her drug addict friends were broadcasting their crap show on, I  would have written to the celebrities but I did not know any of their address or where to write, I had already written to Oprah, knowing she did in fact know who I was, but, not knowing whether those who open her mail would actually give her my letters and the fact the situation hadn’t changed caused me to determine writing her was a waste of time, so I wrote to the media knowing at minimum they could convey my letters to those in the society from behind the scenes. When I began, I did not contemplate the distance between Hollywood and the media, to me, they were all in the same business, easy for one to convey to another, but since, I have come to realize there is a distance between them, I don’t think it would have made a difference in my decision to write to the media if I had known because by the time I began writing letters, I had been raped and physically hurt so much and for so long that the inner necessity to reach out past the woman that was preventing word of what was happening from reaching those out there that knew or knew of me, to tell “hey, this woman and her three friends are hurting me” had become extreme. Writing letters to folks that knew of or who I was, (am), telling them that I was being raped was not difficult, what has been difficult is the duration of time between writing the first letters and today, constantly wondering why nobody has done anything about the rapist that are literally as of this very day still raping me, and why nobody has done anything about the woman that is causing sores on my body and even more important, the constant disbelief that as of today nobody has done anything about the woman transmitting explosions on the body of light that so many are dependant on. Taking photos of my crotch to publish is not amongst the things that I would have thought I would be doing today, several years ago; I’ve never been much of an exhibitionist. I’m not the type to take photos of a natural wound or sore just to show the world,    I mean if I had a yeast infection I’d go to the doctor, get medication, get rid of it and that would be that        I’d rather suffer through those types of things alone with god and my brothers, taking photos of the hurt or damage done to me by another just to show the world isn’t something that I would have thought I’d be doing this time in my life, years ago, ether, after all, the woman causing the sores on my body actually began causing the visible sores January of 2001 yet I didn’t began photographing them until March 2004. I began photographing the damage done to my body by this woman and the man that helps her because of how severe the wounds she was causing became, she had got away with hurting me for so long without the slightest recourse against her by her peers, that the damage she was causing became life threatening and I was constantly needing to go to an emergency room of a hospital or doctors office for help to combat the wounds. Unfortunately for me, during the same period of time that I have been taking photos of damage this woman has done to me physically such as the burn on my crotch and feet which she is burning at this very moment, a hospital stay of nearly three weeks during the spring of this year which I attribute to several months of being hurt in the chest by the woman and the man that helps her hurt me and awareness of how much the businesses and entertainment communities have placed upon the body’s of light surrounding me caused me to be blatantly candid, again to the media, about my health in another arena. I don’t regret informing or alerting the industry as to the facts of the status of my health in this other arena but unfortunately, doing such has enabled the woman hurting me to label or point the finger for the problems and sores she is in reality causing, at a different health issue, which in reality is not to blame, it would sadden me to believe she has got away with it. I have witnessed this woman pointing the finger at others and other things for the hurt and harm she herself and her friends have done repeatedly, so many times over the years it seems staggering. This is a fact that I am certain of, she and her three friends are coming to an end, the freak show on my side and the junkies that do it are just about gone, and the crap show on my vision and the thugs that do it are also just about gone and the reality of enjoying the remaining days and nights without them and their freak and crap shows is beginning to take hold of me and is very, very pleasing.

Stephen Wayne Reno


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