October 28, 2005 (233-10282005)

Friday, October 28, 2005 1:53 AM almost 2 am and I cant sleep, once again, as the bitch has done hundreds of nights before, the bag of shit is bothering my foot, sexually assaulting me in the crotch and verbally and visually harassing me, when is someone going to get that bitch off me? I hope the being that is the light brings you all to the floor, Fuck you Hollywood.


8:13 AM The bitch transmitting on my crown harassed me and kept me awake until after 2am this morning and then caused me to miss both the moonrise and the sunrise by transmitting a signal inducing REM, then sat there waving her shitty hands and slide crap in front of my eyes obstructing my vision after I had awoke late and tried to see the sun after he had rose above the horizon. Ever hear the word Jihad, it means “Holy War”, sanctioned by God, there isn’t anybody of my species on this planet closer to God, and the Holy sprit than I, the holy Ghost is the being of light that she denies the existence of, which is also the light the people live in that has been inside of, and beside me for more than 44 years. Anybody out there that knows this bitch, that is tired of her doing things that hurt me physically and emotionally, which also bothers the people and the being that is the light, that has the opportunity to go for the throat of those that are housing and giving this bitch the money to sit there hurting and harassing us, I hope you do, and when and if you do, I hope its something that destroys them, and if you can go for the throat of the children of those that are housing and funding this bitch, I hope you do and I hope its something that destroys their children. I pray they and their children are destroyed by whatever means destroy them the worse. May there families be plagued with diseases that kill and maim them, failures that destroy them and those that hate them for what they’ve done, that destroy them even worse. I pray the sprit haunts them mentally and emotionally to their death, and even when I die, and it seems that I am gone, whatever sole I am that lives, shall hunt and torment and destroy them and their family’s until every one of them and their relatives, no matter what the relation, have been destroyed. Fuck you Hollywood, Fuck your shity side show Hollywood, Fuck the bitch you gave that camera to, too. Stephen Wayne Reno. 

If the Holy Ghost whom is the being of light, the sprit of God and God’s people hates those that are supporting and funding this bitch as much as I do, this bitches supporters are fucked. You know all those people that she calls “the little people”, whom I call "the people” or “God’s people”, that you can see when you look into and or through my eyes, that are writing the word of God in my eyes, that according to the words she broadcast onto my side implies she also denies that they are real, I got news for you, they can just as easily inter your body and rip your guts to shreds as they can to repair damage done. They can literally enter your eardrum and hound you and are “the voices” many, including celebrities hear. They can literally inter your eye ball and read your every thought. There are billions of them, they are an unseen force capable of creating and, or destroying. Next time you hear the “voice” in your inner ear, contemplate, who do you think is talking to you? Now you know.

Contemplate this one, a long time ago, as early as the year 2001 I spoke about, and later wrote letters about, telling folks that the people hated this bitch because she was transmitting explosions on the body of light that is the alive being and that they had something that resembles firecrackers or sticks of dynamite that they had taken into her head and were using them to cause hemorrhages in her cortex every time she transmitted an explosion on the being, I was telling the truth then and now, I really meant what I said then, I mean what I’ve said now. This bitch is hated and those that are funding her and the torment she causes are at the loosing end of what truly is “a Holy War”.

Stephen Wayne Reno

I’m really, really tired of this bitch trying to pass off my conversations with the people and the being as if it were her and her friends talking. I’m really, really tired of this bitch sitting there mimicking half of my sentences, she is the bitch trying to pass my conversations off as if it was her and her friends talking. She is also the bitch trying to con the rest of the world into believing the people are repeating the words she speaks into that microphone, Hello, this bitch is making a sucker out of all those that believe her.

Anybody out there notice the fact 90% or more of this bitches messages to her junkie friends are face pictures with a variety of different facial expressions, the expression on her face picture is the message to her thug friends that are helping her. I’m so tired of seeing this bitches barrage of face pictures I’d like to take a smith & Wesson and see if I could blow a hole in each of them.


Thursday, October 27, 2005 Somebody has been my apartment wile I was out, somebody that I didn’t invite, they did something in my apartment that I sat and thought about doing a few days ago but didn’t and the only person sitting around spying on me, reading my thoughts, that would have got someone she knows to burglarize my apartment and do such a thing is that bitch sitting there in front of that camera that has been harassing me. The year 2000 she was spying on me, she saw something I thought about during the first quarter of the year, by June I was homeless, she had contacted one of the thugs and told one of them to lie about me and I got kicked out of the hostel I was staying at in Sidney. The lie she and her friend’s made up was that I was seen in the bathroom of the hostel shooting up with syringes, the hostel manager approached me with the news that a woman said that she had seen me doing syringes of illegal drugs in the bathroom of the hostel, I told him that she must have seen someone else because I was not an IV drug user, he said she identified me, the hostel manager said that the hostel could not have someone using illegal drugs and syringes in the hostel and I was asked to leave, that was June of 2000, the same day I was fired from my employment because a woman told the owners of the bookstore where I worked that I was steeling money from them. I was homeless June 2000 through March 2001. The month of December 2002 I personally witnessed the woman in that facility using my vision to point out one of my next door neighbors to one of the thugs, by January of 2003 she or the thug she pointed him out to had contacted him and he was accusing me of hollering at him through the walls at the time he accused me I didn’t even know his name, what the woman and the thugs were doing was broadcasting obscenities at him via my corona and sides, I ended up in court over the incident, fortunately, the judge dismissed the case but I ended up in court because the bitch sitting there and her thug friends broadcasted obscenities at my next door neighbor via my corona and sides. I vacated my apartment and went to Denver that February 2003, I was homeless February 2003 through September of the same year, and again, my homelessness was because of something she did. Now, because of her, because of the fact she is sitting there spying on me and is sending messages to someone, asking them to burglaries my apartment, and because someone has been my apartment, and this is the second time, I need to vacate my apartment, because of her I need to leave and go someplace where she doesn’t have friends, what this means is that once again I’ll be homeless. Once again I haft to suffer through homelessness because of her. This time I will not return until she is gone. Fuck you Hollywood, I asked you more than a year ago to find somebody else, yet the bitch and her drug addict friends are still there causing problems that I haft to suffer through.


10:35:43 PM the bitch is causing excessive sweating on my body again, this time from the waist down, what is the problem Hollywood? If you want this bag of shit and the man that bends over and spreads his asshole for her on somebody’s dick, put her on you own and get the bitch off mine. She’s seeking revenge against me, as she has done dozens of times before because I’m listening to and singing a john Denver album. I don’t know what her john Denver scam is but she gets pissed off every time I sing John Denver songs and I’m not going to let this slut dictate to me what I am or am not going to do, Fuck her, I’ll sing whatever songs I want to sing whether she likes it or not. Stephen Wayne Reno


You would have thought Hollywood could have made that bitch put some clothes on but there she is, naked, dripping slop out her snatch, you would have also thought Hollywood could have made that man put some clothes on to but there he is, naked, and still spreading his ass cheeks for her.

Has anybody out there noticed that the bitch using the camera has been using some sort of night vision lenses wile spying through my eyes? I noticed a wile back and was angered to hostility and have spoken against her many times, this bitch needs to loose that camera, and I’ll be and feel a whole lot better when she does. I don’t like this bitch and I don’t like her using night vision lenses on my eyes. I don’t give a shit what her excuse is I know the truth is because she is spying on me. Stephen Wayne Reno


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