November 08, 2005 (245-11082005)

Monday, November 08, 2005 Anybody out there making a video or DVD recording of Regis and Kelly yesterday (11 07, 2005) which airs on CBS approximately 9am has captured evidence of the thugs in the facility and that they are still broadcasting images of themselves onto licensed TV stations programming illegally. During the last 2 minutes of the show one of the thugs in the illegal facility, sitting in front of the camera being used to broadcast images of themselves onto licensed TV stations programming illegally, was sitting under the table on the left of the man that was sitting in the chair. The man sitting on the chair was actually on the Regis show, to his left was a table being used as a prop on the set, seen under the table was the thug who at first thought he or she was hidden from view but then realized he or she could be seen and looked to the left and said “you can see” indicating he or she realized that they could be seen. It looked like a man to me but the voice was a woman’s, which means she could have been using an electronic mask masking their voice. With a video or DVD recording, the image of the individual could be brought out or enhanced to reveal a picture of the individual which could be used to ID him or her. You could also use the image to prove the individual was not an employee of the station or show and that the individual was not actually in the studio with Regis but in fact was illegally broadcasting images of him or herself onto the program being aired by the real studio.

Stephen Wayne Reno 


Over hear, in this neighborhood is a man walking around trying to live his life in peace and harmony.

Over there in that neighborhood is a woman hidden in a facility trying to use the eyes of the man over here, as the platform for her business.

The man over hear is like, “hey bitch, I’m using my own eyeballs to see out of so why don’t you fuck off”.

The woman over there is screaming “I’ve got a business” and says that she wants to use his eyes for her platform.

The man over hear is like, “fuck you and your business bitch” I live in the united states of America where there are laws that are supposed to protect citizens from thugs such as you, using somebody else’s body parts against their will went out when black folks became emancipated.

The woman over there won’t quit bothering the man over here so the man begins writing letters to hierarchies of the federal government who’s supposed to enforce the man’s inalienable civil and human rights and protect him against such slave herders as the woman over there.

The woman over there won’t quit bothering the man over here so the man begins writing letters to large world wide, nation wide and local media entities describing the atrocities, harassment, and over all cruel manner in which the woman over there is and has been treating him.

The woman over there won’t quit bothering the man over here so the man begins writing letters to human rights originations, civil liberties unions, churches, and lawyers seeking help forcing this woman off of his body and out of his life.

The woman over there won’t quit bothering the man over here so the man begins writing letters to publish on the world wide web for all the world to witness which includes pictures of some of the damage she and her three friends did to him physically, and begins telling the public what Hollywood has done to him by funding the woman over there.

The woman over there won’t quit bothering the man over here so the man asks the sole living in and around him to help him go public because the federal government and Hollywood, whom is housing, hiding, and, funding the woman over there, refuses to do anything to make the woman over there quit.

The woman over there won’t quit bothering the man over here so the man…

So what does the man over hear do now? Well. I don’t know, his attempts at reaching the hearts of those throughout the establishment that know, house, support and fund the woman over there, with the truth, has not been sufficient to cause her removal and you can surly realize by now that the man over hear is not going to be quiet about what the woman over there is and has done to him and what the establishment has done to cover it up. The fact the truth of what this woman has done hasn’t caused them to remove her insist that their care and concern over the health and welfare of the man over here is nonexistent. Perhaps since his attempts at reaching those that house, support and fund the woman over there to get them to remove her hasn’t succeeded, the man over here will try reaching those that can take down those that house, support and fund her. Thus being rid of both, the woman over there and those that are supporting and funding her.   Obviously the man over here in this neighborhood needs to become louder and more visible and besides, the public enjoys good, true stories of mega scandals and cover ups by top brass that need votes from the public to sit in their offices and those of fame that are seem ably treated better than the rest of us, and those throughout the industry that have careers that can be destroyed.

Stephen Wayne Reno


The woman and the naked man is still putting something on the crotch area of their bodies wile connected to me and my side that is burning and causing sweating on the sore she caused on my crotch that is making the sore worse and the individual that is positioning themselves in the space of my body is still sitting there with something inserted inside of their rectum, they have not quit doing any of the things I have written more than 240 letters complaining about including the fact she is still transmitting explosions on the body of light so this is where I am, I’ve got the Idea of the day, lets see now, there’s a polite way of saying this and a rude way, I know, how about a little of both, hear it is, Hey Hollywood, now that I’m 44 and no longer 8 (other than at heart) how about removing the woman on my crown and let me worry about my own thoughts and actions. I’ve got God ever present in my heart and at my side, well, he is my side, and, I’ve got God’s people inside my eyes and around my head knowing better than anyone other than God when to convey my thoughts and when not to, and, when to open my eyes and when not to, whom are as a matter of fact some of the absolute best of God’s people. That way we don’t haft to suffer through this stupid bitch that sits there acting as if she’s been appointed to be the judge of which thoughts I think to air and which thoughts I think no to air, and that way we don’t haft to suffer through her scams and her personality anymore. You can’t imagine how tired of this bitch sitting there, trying to talk to me, I am. And likewise, Now that I am 44 and not 12 (other than in heart and mind) how about preempting this group of thugs freak show with a shut them down, and let me worry about my own actions and deeds and what folks out there can see of me, instead of this stupid bitch and that man and the crap this bitch and her illegal drug lab junkie friends do. At 44 I can tell you I’ve got some of the best of God’s people inside of and around me all the time, and I also have a real cognitively aware and alive side and an awesome shield of armor that is the being and his people. Hollywood began an endeavor ether the day or shortly after the day I was born that they diligently perused the first twenty five to thirty years, but when this bitch showed up and they put her drug lab freak show on my side, they fell apart, when John Denver died, so did the society, the society has not recovered since. My gosh, Hollywood put a drug lab on my side and called it a side show, one of them is a pedophile, a rapist, a thief, they are all liars, and worst of all they all hate the light and God’s people, that in itself should have been an indication to the rest of the world it was time the society advocated the endeavor they began and should have found a Christian origination to replace themselves.

Stephen Wayne Reno

There is a woman holding something under the scrotum, between the legs of the naked man that she has connected to my body, whatever she is holding and pressing onto his body in this area is hurting me, the woman that is doing this is the woman that burned and caused the sore on my crotch. Stephen Wayne Reno 

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