November 16 2005 (248-11162005) one of three

Thursday, November 10, 2005 the stench I’ve written more than 240 letters against has been trying to pick a fight with me again today as she has been doing since the nineties when her subliminal images had no affect on me but instead resulted in the death of dozens of school children. Ether she or the man she hooks up to my body has caused another sore in my underarm, she first began causing limps in my under arm because she was trying to swell the lymph node, she had caused me to be sick and overheard me telling the people that I could determine it was her causing me to be sick because my lymph nodes hadn’t swollen as they do during certain sickness, after hearing my conversation she began trying to swell the lymph node in my throat and from there began trying to swell the lymph nodes in my under arm. Which reminds me of a very large lump she caused on my growing area 1998 and 9, I went to the doctor because the lump had become so large it worried me, at the time I did not realize it was the man and woman causing the lump, several months latter the lump disappeared but during the year 2003/4 she began causing the lump again, in the same place, by that time she had caused so many sores I knew she was causing it, I knew then that that woman sat there watching me worry and suffer through the pain of the lump they had caused during 1998/9 without saying a word to anyone that she knew her three friends were causing it just like she and her friend sat there watching as I complained about being raped and the explosions they were transmitting without telling anyone. 


I heard the other woman laughing and knew that the rapist was about to insert her hand into the rectum of the man, seconds later I began feeling the woman sticking her hand in his rectum where her hand is at this (1:18 PM) very minute. I know Hollywood is in on the man and woman raping me, although I didn’t believe they were in the beginning, I am certain they are in fact in on raping me, the fact that Hollywood knows every method this woman uses to conceal herself insist they also know how to see everything she and the rest of the thugs there are doing every minute of the day wile they are positioning themselves in the space of my body. There isn’t any tricks for hiding that she could do that Hollywood doesn’t know. The fact that they know how to see what she and her three friends are doing at all times wile they are positioning themselves in the space of my body insist they have witnessed her sticking her hand into him repeatedly over and over again, I believe they have known for years. This fact also insist that they know she did and is in fact causing the sores on my body, including the burn she caused on my crotch.. Stephen Wayne Reno

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