November 26, 2005 (265-11242005)

Sunday, November 20, 2005 10:52 PM Hollywood’s facility of drug addicts woke me up two times in the middle of the night last night harassing me for more than an hour each time, then caused me to miss the sunrise this morning and now it’s nearly 11:pm and I can’t get to sleep because that drug addict bitch and the faggot she fucks up the ass hole is sexually assaulting me in the sore. Monday, November 21, 2005 12:11 AM and I still can’t get to sleep because the same bitch is still sexually assaulting me in the sore and bothering my foot. Having this bitch and her junkie friends on my personal side is like being trapped in a jail cell with someone you hate that is constantly bothering you and you cant get away, I can’t get away from this bitch because she won’t get off my side. Celebrities came and went but this bitch wont get off my side. This bitch hasn’t been off my side in more than a decade. How would you like to be trapped in a room with someone you hate for more than a decade, I can tell you for sure when it’s a stench such as this bitch is you don’t grow fonder you hate them more and more every day.

Stephen Wayne Reno.


I haven’t had a shower or bath, urinated or sat on the pot alone, in more than a decade, without this ugly dead bitch hooked up to my side and  body. Hollywood better look someplace for their thanks because there isn’t any in my heart for them. If they really wanted something to feel good about why don’t they get this bitch and her drug lab off my side. I want folks to remember it was Hollywood that cheated me out of a normal life by putting this bitch and her drug lab on my side, it was also Hollywood that cheated me out of having a sex life by funding this group of stench that hooked themselves up to my body and wouldn’t disconnect themselves so I could enjoy myself in the company of a consenting adult of my own choice without some bitch getting her jollies hooked to my side and her faggot friend that tried repeatedly to ejaculate his penis every time I took my trousers off. The constant stress this bitch causes is hurting me as constant stress would hurt anybody with an auto immune deficiency and between wakening me up harassing me during the middle of the night some nights of the week and preventing me from being able to get to sleep other nights, the lack of sleep this bitch and her illegal drugs and friends are causing is also causing my physical condition and health to be worse than it would without her. I am blatantly stating for the record that this bitch and her drug factory is causing my health problems to be worse than they would be without her, and when you couple the stress and sleep problem she and her drugs and three friends are causing with the sores and open wounds she and her three friends are causing on my body that are also taking their toll on my immune system, I can tell you that this bitch is causing my health to be very much worse than it would be without her. In reality she and her drug addict friends are literally assassinating me as the whole industry looks on and it’s the celebrity society giving the bitch the money and funding her that is keeping her and her drug lab on my side which in reality insist it is Hollywood that funding the things she and her junkie friends are doing to me, very simply, without their money and protection she would not be able to continue staying on my side where she and her friends are hurting me. Monday, November 21, 2005 1:25 AM and the bitch is still bothering, stinging my crotch and feet with the stinger she rigged. Monday, November 21, 2005 3:30 AM and I still haven’t been able to sleep because of the drug addict stinging me in the crotch and feet. The last time I looked at the clock was after 5am and she was still stinging me in the crotch and foot. Stephen Wayne Reno


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