November 26,2005 (264-11262005)

The thugs are causing a sore on my tailbone at the base of my spine and I believe she is causing it because I told on her that she or that man has a wire hooked to themselves there. Although she has caused sores on my bellybutton before, I took the first photo of a sore she began causing two days ago in and beside my bellybutton.


I don’t know the increment of time that Hollywood pays for the upkeep of the facility where this bitch is but I keep thinking the increment of time must expire sooner or later and I’m hoping it’s sooner, for example rented houses and apartments in the united states is most commonly paid monthly although weekly and in some cases daily and other increments of time can occur, the gas, electricity and phone bills are most commonly paid monthly. I asked the celebrities more than a year ago to find someone else, a different company, a Christian company and I keep thinking sooner or later whatever increment of time the celebrities have paid for this woman and the crap she does has got to laps. I am hoping when the increment of time they have paid for this woman’s crap and the facility she is in lapses they won’t renew. I asked them more than a year ago; I would not have this sore on my crotch if they had found somebody else when I asked them to. I would not have the sores on my feet ether. Stephen Wayne Reno  


Why doesn’t somebody else out there, outside the facility where that bitch sits in front of that camera harassing me by yelling at me and putting her crappy face crap in my vision, tune in around this bitch and make some recordings of what this bitch is transmitting onto my eyes and recordings of this bitch harassing me, why doesn’t someone out there setup an Imax theater somewhere other than the facility where the bitch and her drug addict friends sit around sticking their hands in the crotches of the actors on TV, and tune in around this bitch and see for yourselves that I am telling the truth and catch this bitch in all the lies and scams and con jobs she and her friends perpetrate. Surely the is a celebrity someplace that can get some time at an Imax theater donated and I know dang good and well someplace in Los Angeles or new York somebody has the electronics that could be used for a few days to tune in around her, and when you see that I’ve been telling the truth and the bitch is a con artist liar, you can tell her you don’t need her and her drug lab and her face crap anymore. And, make sure if you do that you don’t tell this bitch that you’re doing it or when you’re watching so you can catch the bitch in her lies. One day of looking into my eyes around this bitch and you’ll regret that you let this bitch near me.

Stephen Wayne Reno.  


This may or may not help catch a rapist; I believe the woman might be using this method to stick her hand and arm into the naked man in front of everyone without everyone seeing that she is doing it. I believe she is sitting next to someone in that facility, she has herself wired up to my left or right, she has the other individual wired up to the other side, ether left or right she has one hand and one leg visible, the other individual has one hand and one leg visible both of them make it appear as if there is only one individual, her hidden hand is in the rectum of the other. There are two individuals sitting next to each other, she has herself wired to ether the right or the left, the other individual she has wired to the other ether right or left, her hand is inside the individual next to her, when you see her on the monitor you only see her because the individual has been wired to the other side, if you tune to the other side you see the other individual if you look at both sides you see both individuals. No matter what the woman says I know she sticks her hand and arm into the rectum of the other individual sitting next to her daily, I know so because she hooks the individual up to my body before she sticks her hand in the individuals rectum and I can feel her doing it. I call it rape. When it dawns on all of those that see this woman on their monitor that she has in fact been putting her hand and arm into the rectum of the individual sitting next to her, in front of all of you since 2001 I hope at least some of you are offended. Stephen Wayne Reno November, 2005


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