November 28, 2005 (269-11282005)

In an age and world of electronic devises and technology, sooner or later the situation is going to arise with someone that has not been deprived of due process in which someone did something to someone wile connected electronically that ends up in court. If this group of thugs and the facility they are in are not being protected by and under Hollywood’s wing as I have said they are, then why not let me set the president, that woman that calls herself “me” and that man and woman on my personal side electronically raped me. Why not supply me with their names and address and let me pursue criminal proceedings against them. They can present their evidence to the jury, I can present mine, and when the case is over, I can go about my life in peace and harmony and they can go to prison.

Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, November 28, 2005


I don’t know whether this woman is telling folks out there that she isn’t hooking herself and that man up to my body or if she’s telling folks that it’s alright for her to do such but it’s my body she’s hooking herself and that man up to and I am telling you she is and I am also telling you it’s not alright. It’s like pointing that camera down at my penis, the woman in that facility has tried to make it seem as if it’s alright to point the camera down but it’s my eyes and my penis and I’m the one she violated and I’m telling you it’s not alright and I want her gone.

Stephen Wayne Reno


The only way I know of to make that dead woman and her friends quit using my eyes as their intercom sending their messages to each other and to make that dead woman quit yelling at me and quit trying to contact me is by telling the rest of the world that’s what she and her three friends are doing and hope it angers others out there enough that others out there tune in around this woman and catch her and her three friends then shut them down. And we all know what shut down means. And by asking the people and God to help me rid ourselves of this woman and her three friends. I have and am doing both. The woman and her three friends have been using my vision as an intercom, sending messages to each other, I don’t want them using my vision as their intercom. The woman in front of the camera is using the camera to harass me. I’m tired of being harassed by this woman. Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, November 28, 2005


The Holy Bible says that at the time of his death Jesus of Nazareth ascended into heaven, not out to heaven. Wile it is true the entire universe is one being of sound and light which is the sole some call God, some call Allah, and many other names, the reality is that the seat of the sole of this planet is the center, literally the center of the planet where the bodies or beings of sole merge into one being that is the sole of the planet. The sole that lives in all species of this planet, plants and animals alike, is at some level part of this whole being that is the sole of the planet. Any of the species of this planet seeking to reside in heaven, i.e. the heart and mind of, or as Abraham would say, “the bosom” of the planetary being of sole at the time of death, would seek inward toward the center. It is through being one with the whole being that is the sole of the earth that one becomes part of God or Allah. Stephen Wayne Reno Sunday, November 27, 2005

The inspiration enabling me to know and write this is credited to the people and the being of sole living in us. 


Sunday, November 27, 2005 8:23 PM moments ago I heard a song on the radio I have never heard before that I thought was pleasant and began to sing and immediately the woman in the facility began trying to disrupt me and began trying to hurt my throat to make me stop singing. After the song ended I began telling the being and the people that the woman was hurting my throat. Spying on me and seeing what I was telling the people she broadcasted a message onto my side exclaiming that the artist didn’t want me singing her songs. The message she broadcasted caused me to remember a truth of the nineties. During the early nineties the woman in the facility with the black hair broadcasted messages onto my side causing me to believe that the celebrities did not like nor want me singing their songs which at the time broke my heart. I literally quit singing songs of celebrities some of whom I had sang for years and years. To this very day I have not sang the songs of celebrities the way I did before this woman’s messages.

Stephen Wayne Reno


Sunday, November 27, 2005 7:34 PM at this moment it feels as if the woman in the facility has heated an object or the hand of the woman sitting next to her to an above body temperature and has inserted it into her own the rectum of the individual she sits next to and is raping me and it is hurting. She has done this to me dozens of hundreds of times over the years. Stephen Wayne Reno


You’d haft to be without an IQ not to know this by now but just in case another thing the woman and her thugs have been doing is broadcasting various comments into the inside of my personal side and crown and then airing what she broadcast as if it came from me.


This woman says she has recorded evidence that I said such-n-such and so-n-so Ha lets see that bitch present her recordings to a jury, heh heh heh the first edit mark they see, that will be the end of her evidence, and besides, I’ll simply tell the jury that her recordings are recordings of my thoughts and that I told her and the world I don’t want this bitch making recordings of my thoughts and boom, she’s gone besides, the removal of the original context annuls her  recordings.


I don’t remember for sure, I believe I was doing the dishes, I know I was doing something in the kitchen. I was on Logan street in Denver, I had the stereo blasting and of course I was singing all the songs I knew and even the ones I didn’t. I don’t remember if it was 1993 or 4. A song I rather liked at the time began playing and I began singing when I noticed through peripheral an orange-ish colored hue that filled the room, that stuck out to me as a color I did not see very often, noticing the color seemed to be coming from the front of the house I walked through the living room and outside. Once outside from under the porch I looked up, there was a rainbow. There was a rainbow in the sky above the house and the color I had noticed from the kitchen was the refraction of light from the combination of different colors. What truly amazed me was that the song that had began playing on the radio, that I was singing to, was a song by a man I never made much ado about but have liked just about every thing I’ve heard from him named John Secada. I can remember at least once during the nineties contemplating that I thought he was really good and liked him but, purposely didn’t make a big deal about liking him and the songs he wrote because I knew the woman in the facility was spying on me and wanted to distance the celebrities from me she was and had been trying to emotionally hurt those that I liked and enjoyed by airing false innuendo and altered text about them implying that it was me and my opinion. A Christmas song by Gloria Estefan, whom has always been welcome to look into and through my eyes caused me to remember this event which is an event I have contemplated numerous times, and each time, am still amazed. This story is actually an excerpt of a larger letter I wrote and sent to someone I had hoped would share its contents with the celebrities that was actually about myself and the people. At the time of writing this letter wanted Gloria Estefan to know this, I am publishing it hear to reveal some of the magnificence of the people you’d never hear from the woman sitting there trying to rip them off my eyes, pretending to work with them. The word magnificence is a word the being of light used to describe some of their abilities and traits. This is a true story: Once upon a time I was driving my Volkswagen bug down a Los Angeles freeway when I heard a disk jockey on a radio station as he announced that a woman whom at the time I was very fond of by the name of Gloria Estefan had broken her back in a bus accident wile on tour. I remember being so distraught upon hearing the news that I started crying, I remember crying so heavily that I pulled the VW over to the side of the road to wipe my eyes and regain my self. I don’t remember if I prayed at that time or not but it seems that I remember saying a prayer to God as I sat along the roadside, a prayer that she would be all right. The year 2002 I was in a store or something when I heard the song “coming out of the dark” sang by Gloria Estefan and I asked the people of my crown what the song was about. the People brought tears to my eyes with these words, the people said “the origin of the song was the premise and the belief that the Suns prayer at the time of her accident somehow aided her miraculous recovery”. I want you to know the truth of what they, the people, did that day. The day I heard Gloria Estefan had been hurt I was so distraught the people themselves (although I do not know the exact details or technical wording of what they did) literally entered Gloria’s flesh and blood body and by hand repaired the microscopic nerve endings that had been damaged in the bus wreck that quite frankly, a doctor couldn’t possibly do, then, they, the people themselves, entered her cortex and turned on, and off, various switches in her cortex that enabled her body to generate and produce enzymes and proteins and other chemicals that enabled her back, nerve endings and body to heal, that again quite frankly, doctors today, couldn’t passably do. Remember the movie “Fantastic Voyage”? although they weren’t shrunk for the task, and they didn’t need a ship to get there, the people themselves were literally working inside of her body and cortex fixing things doctors couldn’t and were literally enabling her body to heal itself causing the incredible miraculous recovery that would not have occurred without them. The woman sitting there spying on me saw the inhabitants as they revealed these facts way back 2002 but she withheld the information from everybody including Gloria because she didn’t want anybody to know that the people did this because of the emotion I expressed that day. She also conned everyone into believing that they responded to her.

Stephen Wayne Reno November 02, 2004

Stephen Wayne Reno November 27, 2005


Heh heh heh, for years that woman presented herself as the only person that could talk to, understand and or work with the people. Funny, , I talk with them, sing with them, eat with them, I ask them for information, seek their advise, I laugh with them, cry with them, praise God with them, they help me all the time, I mean ALL the time, they do things for me to, and, to whatever extent I can, I do for them. Perhaps it’s the fact I’ve had twenty or more years with them than she has. Quite frankly I find their company an absolute joy, the inner feeling of … is … This woman has never even had a conversation with any of them, she’s been using my conversations to fool you, she’s a con artist. Fuck her, Stephen Wayne Reno


The woman’s friends are still calling the woman “Jesus,” and it is still offensive to me.  it’s quite easy to prove they are doing this, the frequency she is broadcasting on is what’s commonly referred to as an open circuit in the fact that irrelevant of the setup in that facility, she has not hard wired anything on this end and her communications can be easily intercepted and monitored by anyone without her knowledge, and, precedent is that her conversations can be used as evidence against her and her friends.


I wanted to notice that although I can not name the individual (because I do not know her name) I can state factually that one of the individual that has sat there with themselves wired or hooked to my body and wile connected to my body sat there with objects inserted inside themselves via the rear is the little woman or whatever that is, that sits in the blowup chair. The chair was rigged with a removable bottom and the woman I call the chimp faced baboon woman crawled under the chair and stuffed the individual from under and behind. I have often stated that is was the individuals electronically putting themselves in the space of my body that were sitting there stuffed in the rear, in this case on dozens of occasions I could feel the inflated crap deflating around my buttocks, causing me to know it was the individual sitting in the chair.


I Borrowed some albums of John Denver songs from the library I frequent recently, one of which was a greatest hits album that although I knew most of the songs on the album  I had not heard this particular compilation which contained versions that I had not heard. I remember years earlier getting and album of greatest hits of his and wile listening to the album, read a paragraph that I believe he himself wrote identifying the songs on the album as those that he felt were most asked for, excluding one which he exclaimed was not asked for very often but was on the album because it was one of his favorites. I don’t remember my exact thoughts at the time but I seem to remember agreeing with him in the fact that I to liked and enjoyed singing the song. I remember years later discovering that he was scheduled to perform at the Greek Amphitheater in Los Angeles where I resided at the time. I couldn’t believe that John Denver himself was going to appear and perform a concert in the very same city I lived. So excited was I that he was performing that I bought tickets to see him for not one but for two days. Between the time I sat in my parents house as a young teenager reading the message he wrote for the greatest hits album and the time I bought the tickets to see him at the Greek Amphitheater, the song had become one of the songs I enjoyed most of his. Remembering and contemplating what he had written about the song, I worried that he might not sing the song at his concert, and I wanted him to because it had become such a part of  the John Denver songs that I had sang for years. I hoped and hoped and spoke about the worry that he might not sing the song until the moment I sat in the audience watching him perform. He sang the song, and, like many others he sang, I sang along. I was thrilled, literally ecstatic that he did in fact sing the song. As I left the amphitheater I noticed a very small gathering of folks gathering outside a rather large garage style door and instantly suspected he was there, naturally, being a fan I walked over to the gathering and asked an individual stand there what was going on, John Denver is going to exit hear I was told, becoming excited, I to waited. As I waited, and waited and waited I became conscious of myself and contemplated he might not be exiting because of me. Because I was standing there waiting, because he might not want me to look at him because of what I’d see. I left. I do not remember all my thoughts at the time, I seem to remember experiencing sadness at the thought that he wouldn’t exit because of fear that I was there and what I might see if I saw him. Even through the sadness I felt I returned the next day to see him again. After the concert I once again waited at the same place with others that gathered, He did not exit wile I was there. In his song he sang come and stand beside us, we can find a better way. Today I wonder, would John Denver leave someone that causes such pain and anguish both physical and emotional on my side and vision, someone I truly loath, or would he find a better way and make the determination to do whatever necessary to force the removal of the woman and her friends? God and the people know the answer to this, do those that were close to him?  Stephen Wayne Reno Sunday, November 27, 2005   


It really isn’t that difficult determining whom is steeling words from whom. The woman in that facility is without a sole, there is no inner light emanating from within her, she is not connected to anything, there is no osmoses occurring, in place of osmoses is stagnation. The halo of light emanating from and surrounding my head is connected to the entire body of light surrounding me which is connected to the entire planet. Not only is osmosis occurring, osmosis is occurring from all that my crown is connected to, but if this wasn’t enough, the people that live in the halo of light are, next to God, of the most intellectual and intelligent of the entire planet, there intelligence dwarfs the intellect of even the greatest of my species, they and the being that is the light is whom the majority of my words and contemplations are credited. It is these facts that has enabled me to surpass the level of education I have had. Sunday, November 27, 2005 


The woman in that facility has tried to pass me off as some bimbo wile propping herself up on a false pedestal of somebody else’s intellect, and although I had written letters telling folks she was doing this, it was not noticed until I began publishing my letters on the web. I believe she did this to me to throw-off suspicion of where she was obtaining her words. The real truth is that since this woman appeared and positioned herself between myself and those that knew me and began dishing out to them what she wanted them to think and believe about me, the folks that before her knew my personality and emotional traits, now doesn’t know me at all. There has been such a long period of time since those that knew and knew of me have been exposed to the real me instead of the made up version of me made up by this woman and her friends that folks out there don’t even know me anymore. Stephen Wayne Reno November 27, 2005

I also believe the woman spent years doing things that caused the implication and speculation that all the yelling I was doing at her and her friends and the hatred I felt toward them  was directed at the celebrities instead of her and her friends, wile simultaneously doing things that implied I had a fondness for her and her friends . I believe she did this to distance the celebrities from me and to further solidify her position between them (the celebrities) and myself.


Something I have just contemplated, again, and want to mention. There hast to be some sort of damage occurring to the lower intestines of the individual she has connected to my body that she is and has been sticking her hand and arm into, if nothing else because of the frequency and duration of time(s) the woman inserts her hand and arm into their rectum. I believe a physician, ether wile alive or after death would be able to verify that the individual was in fact sexually active in the rectum. I believe a physician could document relative time frame as to whether the sexual activity was recent, old, large or small and even what type of items or devices were inserted or used, bringing to rest quite factually that I had been telling the truth all along. I hope if not wile alive, somebody remembers this at the time of the individual’s death, so as to bring closure to the sole and testament for future generations.

Stephen Wayne Reno Sunday, November 27, 2005 

In an age and world of electronic devises and technology, sooner or later the situation is going to arise with someone that has not been deprived of due process in which someone did something to someone wile connected electronically that ends up in court. I hope folks remember that I called it rape. A physical examination of the individual, alive or dead, would reveal I have spoken the truth.


Stephen Wayne Reno November 27, 2005

If this group of thugs and the facility they are in are not being protected by and under Hollywood’s wing as I have said they are, then why not supply me with their names and address and let me pursue criminal proceedings against them. They can present their evidence to a jury, I can present my evidence to a jury. When the case is over, I can go about my life in peace and harmony and they can go to prison. That man and woman raped me and I am not going to be satisfied until justice is done. If I should pass away before justice occurs remember this. The being of sole that is the light you see surrounding me is situated in and part of the radio spectrum, anyone wanting to know how long the radio spectrum has been hear or how long the radio spectrum will be hear, well, you can look out into the universe and determine that the radio spectrum has been hear awhile and will be hear awhile longer, in other words the sole I am isn’t going anywhere, and the people that live within the sole that I am, well let me say that some of them, the young one’s that is, are only a couple thousand years old and they aren’t going anywhere ether, they will be hear when the next incarnation occurs as they were the previous. Amen, from the beginning of the earth to the end of the earth and then outward to whatever task is next the radio spectrum and his people shall be. Alleluia


I have just caught the woman blotting out the color red in the letter I am writing in which the color red is used to mark the changes of the document I am writing.


Saturday, November 26, 2005 Hollywood, I have already asked the people and the holy spirit to harass you mentally and emotionally in your heart and inner ear because of the harassment being inflicted upon myself by the thugs of the facility harassing me with their microphones that I have repeatedly complained about that you are funding and tolerating, and, I’m telling you this quite factually and candidly, if you don’t take the microphones that are being used to harass me away from the thugs of that facility I’m going to ask the people and the holy sprit to harass your children mentally and emotionally in their hearts and  inner ear because you are tolerating this being done to me. I can tell you there are quite a few years of literal torture that were so heinous that have been inflicted upon me by these thugs, it will not be difficult to touch the heart of the people and the holy sprit with my request for compensation, especially when I supposedly live in the greatest nation full of rights for it’s citizens that I have been deprived of. We can and if necessary shall see how much you tolerate from the thugs in the facility you are funding when your own children are those being tormented.


Stephen Wayne Reno I don’t know how stupid you think I am Hollywood but I know dang good and well you know the spectrum this woman and her friends are broadcasting on and can’t dispute what I’ve said about this group of thugs verbally harassing me, it’s to easy for you to simply tune in and listen so don’t even bother with a you didn’t know because everyone will call you liar.


I don’t know that the sore she caused on my crotch wasn’t caused by her drug cooker; I do know she has caused hundreds of open sores on my body since 2001 hooking her drug cooker up to various parts of the aura of light emanating from me.

Stephen Wayne Reno


Saturday, November 26, 2005 8:35 PM the man and or woman that is trying to put themselves in my body is causing sweating in the buttocks area of my body, and has also been causing sweating in the crotch area today.


Saturday, November 26, 2005 Hollywood wasn’t content looking at a brilliantly colored orb of light so rather than look at the orb which is the living light of sole, literally the sole of the planet, the dug up some drug addict  that crawled out from under some rock somewhere and put her and her three or four friends in front of a green screen and wile Hollywood paid the bills, this group of drug addicts broadcasted and transmitted images urging rape, child molestation, drug addiction, suicide, hatred and antichrist Semitism on to the TV screens of the public at large. Without a license, unbeknown to the public at large, Right into the homes of parents where their children were watching Saturday morning cartoons this group of thugs broadcasted images of themselves sticking a woman’s hand and arm into the rectum of a man from behind the chair he sat on and wile hidden in front of the green screen, and wile they broadcasted their vomit into the homes with live broadcasting equipment I was hurt physically and emotionally. You better find a way to get that Kansas City facility shut down Hollywood because somehow, someway I am going to reveal what you did to me with your Kansas City facility of drug addicts, rapist, thieves and antichrist thugs. Stephen Wayne Reno. I believe a truth you can’t escape Hollywood is that the public would have wanted to know. I also believe they would have rather seen the beautifully colored orb more than your drug addict child killer and friends. I hope the public feels you cheated them Hollywood and I hope they cheat you and all your children because of it. Fuck you Hollywood. I tired of being raped by your drug lab Hollywood; I’m tired of having your drug lab, your junkies and your green screen on my side.

Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, November 26, 2005


Saturday, November 26, 2005 6:10 PM This is what I witnessed and experienced; I heard and felt an explosion, as I heard the explosion I instantly recognized the explosion as the same type of explosion caused by the woman cooking illegal drugs that goes awry. I felt the explosion near the underside of my buttocks. I then saw the woman complaining and throwing something on the floor, she was complaining about ruining a batch of illegal drugs she was in the process of cooking and I realized and believe the woman had the drug cooker connected to the aura of light of my buttocks, more than likely trying to hide what she was doing. I have on numerous occasions since January of 2001 experienced this woman burning and causing open sores on my skin cooking illegal drugs and have written letters complaining about it before. I believe this woman has been sticking her hand and arm into the butt hole of the man in that facility as a method of physically raping me and simultaneously has had her illegal drug cooker connected or wired to the aura of light near my rectum burning me . I believe this is possibly how she burned me in the anus on at least one previous occasion. Stephen Wayne Reno The woman is now, as a result of watching through my eyes as I wrote this, threatening to harm me if this letter gets her illegal drugs taken away from her. Fuck her, I would have put this woman in a penitentiary long ago if I knew where she was. The real fact is I don’t know whether or not she caused the sore on my crotch by hooking her drug cooker up to my crotch. I do know that this woman has burned my skin and left open sores and scars on my skin cooking illegal drugs. If you can’t imagine how I can tell you quite simply, although I don’t know the details of the electronics in the facility, what she has done is she electronically connected things with voltage to various parts of the aura of light emanating from my body. She has hurt my hands, feet, legs, arms, crotch rectum, face, head, the inside of my mouth, and every other part of my body she could. The drug addict and the other freaks in that facility should not have access to my body period.


Saturday, November 26, 2005 The woman has connecter something to the underside of my scrotum and has caused a lump that is hurting. She is still burning me in the sore and the space under the scrotum, below the buttocks, between the legs. Because of how she has burned me previously I can not bathe the sore. She began burning my feet with a current of voltage when I awoke this morning and has burned my toes all day since. It is now 6:06 PM. The woman is seeking revenge against me because I refused to say the word foot and feet when she wanted me to and has once again damaged the skin of my toes and feet. 8:40 PM and I’m noting that she is still hurting my feet with voltage.


Saturday, November 26, 2005 12:36 PM I personally saw that woman, I experienced more than five years of that woman trying to literally rip the sole off my flesh because she wanted the light to cover herself as she sat there trying to hide doing illegal drugs and fucking that man in the butt hole. I experienced that woman trying to rip the sole off my body because she wanted the light to cover her own nakedness.

Stephen Wayne Reno She is the reason I spoke the words “it isn’t very wise of Hollywood putting someone so jealous of me on my side. I personally experienced more than five years of that woman trying to rip the sole off my flesh, trying to cover her own nakedness. This bitch has been trying to use the light surrounding me to cover herself and her drug addict friends wile they consumed illegal drugs and fucked themselves and that man in the butt hole.


I just caught that bitch trying to blot out the color red again; as I was reading information about the moon she was trying to change the color red to a different color.


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