November 28, 2005

This story is actually an excerpt of a larger letter I wrote and sent to someone I had hoped would share its contents with the celebrities that was actually about myself and the people. At the time of writing this letter wanted Gloria Estefan to know this, I am publishing it hear to reveal some of the magnificence of the people you’d never hear from the woman sitting there trying to rip them off my eyes, pretending to work with them. The word magnificence is a word the being of light used to describe some of their abilities and traits. This is a true story: Once upon a time I was driving my Volkswagen bug down a Los Angeles freeway when I heard a disk jockey on a radio station as he announced that a woman whom at the time I was very fond of by the name of Gloria Estefan had broken her back in a bus accident wile on tour. I remember being so distraught upon hearing the news that I started crying, I remember crying so heavily that I pulled the VW over to the side of the road to wipe my eyes and regain my self. I don’t remember if I prayed at that time or not but it seems that I remember saying a prayer to God as I sat along the roadside, a prayer that she would be all right. The year 2002 I was in a store or something when I heard the song “coming out of the dark” sang by Gloria Estefan and I asked the people of my crown what the song was about. the People brought tears to my eyes with these words, the people said “the origin of the song was the premise and the belief that the Suns prayer at the time of her accident somehow aided her miraculous recovery”. I want you to know the truth of what they, the people, did that day. The day I heard Gloria Estefan had been hurt I was so distraught the people themselves (although I do not know the exact details or technical wording of what they did) literally entered Gloria’s flesh and blood body and by hand repaired the microscopic nerve endings that had been damaged in the bus wreck that quite frankly, a doctor couldn’t possibly do, then, they, the people themselves, entered her cortex and turned on, and off, various switches in her cortex that enabled her body to generate and produce enzymes and proteins and other chemicals that enabled her back, nerve endings and body to heal, that again quite frankly, doctors today, couldn’t passably do. Remember the movie “Fantastic Voyage”? although they weren’t shrunk for the task, and they didn’t need a ship to get there, the people themselves were literally working inside of her body and cortex fixing things doctors couldn’t and were literally enabling her body to heal itself causing the incredible miraculous recovery that would not have occurred without them. The woman sitting there spying on me saw the inhabitants as they revealed these facts way back 2002 but she withheld the information from everybody including Gloria because she didn’t want anybody to know that the people did this because of the emotion I expressed that day. She also conned everyone into believing that they responded to her.

Stephen Wayne Reno November 02, 2004

Stephen Wayne Reno November 27, 2005


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