November 30, 2005 (270-11302005)

I thought of another reason the woman could never use her recordings in a real court of law, it is a crime in all fifty states to bear false witness and or to present false evidence in a court of law. Taking a two or three word segment from a paragraph of one subject and adding it to other words from a paragraph of a different subject removes the original context of the words spoken, once the context of the words spoken or thought has been altered the recording is no longer valid. If the recording is used as evidence it is the same as presenting false evidence.

Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I have heard the woman in the facility broadcasting the message, and this is a quote “it wasn’t really up my ass hole it just looked like it” a few dozen times. Bullshit, it was really up her ass hole I know so because I felt it. Stephen Wayne Reno


The woman in the facility says it was John Denver’s mansion in Aspen Colorado that the celebrities of the society used.

She also broadcasted a message exclaiming that Neil Diamond has always been a member of the society that has been paying for the facility where the illegal drug addict child killer rapist is illegally broadcasting from.

The same woman also said that it was Barbra Mandrel that stole one of my songs.

She also broadcasted a message exclaiming that Cline Deon worshiped Satin

She also broadcasted two messages about Whitney, the first one she broadcasted she said Whitney Houston is a Bitch, the second message she said Whitney Houston is a big black bitch, I can remember calling her a bigot, saying Whitney isn’t black, she’s brown, can’t she tell the difference. Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The woman began causing another open sore on another part of my right foot during the last two days, this time on the outside of my right foot near the ankle and she is still stinging the toes of both with voltage a few days ago she saw that my feet had almost healed and began hurting my feet and toes again. Now my feet are right back where they were before. Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Contemplate how irritated folks out there outside that facility get when there forced to listen to this woman and her friends flapping their mouths for a mere hour then contemplate I’ve been forced to hear this woman and her friends flapping their mouths into those microphones for the last ten years. Isn’t it time to take their microphones away? I think so, Hollywood shut the bitch down. Stephen Wayne Reno



Tuesday, November 29, 2005 the woman has connected a current of voltage to the aura of light emanating from my hands that is hurting my hands. The same woman has been hurting my hands in this and numerous other manners since the year 2001 and the skin on my hands have been hurt hundreds of times. Someone needs to make this woman quit trying to use my hands. Stephen Wayne Reno


There is a woman in that facility that has been harassing me since before 1991 that is pretending to be acting in collusion with me. She is not. I have never acted in any type of collusion with this woman nor anyone in that nor any other facility. Pretending such is and has been part of her scam for years. This woman is not a friend of mine.

Stephen Wayne Reno


I heard the woman in the facility broadcasting messages to someone telling them where in town I was going and where I was on the map again.


Tuesday, November 29, 2005 If that woman in that facility has been telling folks that I couldn’t possibly feel the feeling of that woman sticking her hand in the rectum of the other individual she sticks her hand into because if I did she would also feel it, I tell you hear and now she is a liar. I personally witnessed and experienced the woman complaining on of hundreds of occasions that she felt it to and every time the woman sat there trying to by pass herself so that she didn’t haft to sit there feeling the hand inside herself as they were forcing me to feel. Stephen Wayne Reno One thing that would at least help between now and the moment they told her she can no longer broadcast or transmit on my personal side, and they will tell her she can no longer transmit or broadcast on my side, is her stay away from the other individual. Every time they position themselves together she puts her hand in the individuals butt hole. She says she needs the woman to bring their drug fixes to them, Fuck them, have you ever been connected to someone else wile they were “fucked up” on illegal drugs and had to suffer through their drug high, I have, I don’t want that group of thugs illegal drugs on my side. If that woman is telling folks they aren’t doing illegal drugs as her broadcasted messages to the inside indicate, she is lying. If anybody has any recordings of them sitting together perhaps an engineer or technician can prove what I’ve said by whatever enhancement methods can be used to reveal their activities.


The radio station I listen to began playing Christmas songs recently. I truly truly enjoy hearing and singing Christmas songs, for whatever reason I always did. A few years ago I was in the isle of a grocery store looking for some type of food item when the melody of a song caught my ear and I began listening, I don’t remember for sure but I believe I recognized the voice of the woman singing the song instantly, what I do remember is that I had never heard the song before and as I listened to the words, tears welled up in my eyes, I left the store telling the people and God I liked the song. A few weeks later, again I was in a store and to my surprise the song began playing, I remember walking down the isle looking for the speakers in the ceiling of the store so I could hear the song better, as I listened to the song again tears began welling up in my eyes, I still did not know what the name of the song was but I did know the vocalist, the voice of the woman singing was to me instantly recognizable. I left the store singing the words that I had heard and again exclaimed to the people and God that I thought the song was really good. I’m sure I sang the words that whole day and contemplated the song for days after. To this very day I have not Identified the name of the song but have heard it numerous times since that first day. And it does still bring tears to my eyes.         I recently, within the last week heard two Christmas songs by the same vocalist and its funny, the two Christmas songs are old standards that many vocalist have recorded and placed on Christmas albums but I tell you the vocal style and voice of the woman that sings both the song I heard in the grocery store and the two Christmas songs, to me, is so pleasing to listen to that I’ve noticed myself telling God and the people that I enjoy hearing her sing. The vocalist name is Vanessa Williams. Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, November 30, 2005      


As if she hasn’t read the letters I’ve written the woman is harassing me with the camera again. Monday, November 28, 2005


The woman in that facility has broadcasted messages onto my side for the last four years exclaiming that she wanted to work for Madonna, Hey Madonna are you employing habitual liars that are also rapist, thieves, drug addicts antichrist piles of shit,? I am so tired of this woman broadcasting messages telling me that she wants to work for Madonna I could scream. I believe she has been trying to ether get an honest to goodness reference from me, which by the way will NEVER happen, or she’s trying to record my thoughts attempting to remove the context and manufacture her own reference as if it was from me. The real fact is, the way this woman has treated the body of sole and the people and I, I would be offended at the thought of one of the society or anyone in Hollywood employing this woman. How’s that for a reference. Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, November 28, 2005

By the way, Madonna, if you ever quit singing songs about the sun, I’ll tell my daddy your done. Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, November 30, 2005


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