December 27, 2005 (312-12272005)

Has anybody outside that Kansas City facility thought about doing an inspection of Hollywood’s Kansas City facility, I did, I was going to say so in a couple of letters ago but forgot. Why doesn’t somebody from the media do a surprise visit without warning and see their setup, and see for themselves the situation in the Kansas City facility. Someone with computer knowledge would be able to see her computer and whether she is using it to hook things up to my body that hurt me as I have said they are, someone with computer knowledge would be able to see first hand whether or not she is really programming the people as she claims or not. if they are telling the truth you’d be able to see a demonstration, if there not you’d be able to witness they are frauds. If she doesn’t use her computer to connect thing that hurt me up to me you’d see such, if she does you’d witness what she has connected to me. You’d also be able to witness where the words she uses are really coming from, me, my thoughts and spoken words as I have said or her, speaking into a microphone as she implies. The woman has also insinuated that she hooks herself up to my crown and the people suddenly respond to her. I have called her a liar. A surprise visit, without warning would reveal who is telling the truth myself or her. You’d also find out how many thugs she has in there and how many she has connected to my body. My goodness a surprise visit to the Kansas City facility wouldn’t hurt me at all, what do you think it would to them? If this bitch has the integrity she implies she has I’m sure she wouldn’t mind showing someone from the media around the facility and all that they do there. Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, December 27, 2005


The stupid bitch is still waving crap in my eyesight during sunrise, sunset. I don’t know how to get rid of this bitch that waves her crap in front of my eyes but anybody out there that can relate to the constant harassment of having somebody constantly waving something in front of your eyes every time you try to look at something that can help please do.

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Somebody has to force the bitch hooking herself up to my crown off me, she is the one that calls herself Jesus, she is the one that pretends she is a marine, that acts like a bull dyke but lays in her chair with a hose in her ass hole 90 percent of the time. She causes emotional problems and my crown is my crown NOT hers. I DON’T WANT THIS FUCKIN BITCH HOOKING HERSELF UP TO MY CROWN. She is constantly trying to turn me away from God, the being of light that lives in and around me. She is constantly trying to turn me away from the people and she is constantly trying to provoke violent fits of anger and hatred and hostility. More than fifty percent of my fits of violent reaction is because of this woman hooking herself up to my crown. I don’t want this woman hooking herself up to my crown nor any other part of my body. She is also the woman I an talking about when I write the woman is playing with her snatch again.

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, December 27, 2005


The woman in Hollywood’s Kansas City facility that is transmitting the crap on my vision and her friend the woman that swelled my face caused nerve damage on my left eyeball, the tear duct of my left eye and the left cheek  during the months of  March, April of 2004 she broadcasted a message onto my side shortly after exclaiming that she did it because I never cried for her. Today, last week and all the days since she has been physically hurting my left and right eyeball, she has broadcasted numerous messages exclaiming that if she couldn’t see, nobody would.  With this paragraph and published letter I am publicly telling those that pay this bitches way, that fund the activities of the occupants in Kansas City facility that she is bothering and in fact physically hurting my eyeballs. At the end of this letter is two photos of what my face looked like when she swelled my face that caused the nerve damage to the tear duck and left cheek.

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, December 27, 2005


The woman has caused a swollen spot of ruptured skin on the sore she caused on my crotch that is hurting 5:26 AM Tuesday, December 27, 2005Stephen Wayne Reno


The fucked up on illegal drugs thugs of Hollywood’s Kansas City facility woke me up at 3:30AM again this morning for the second morning in a roe. The bitch that swelled my lips, eyes, nose, cheek and face began threatening me around 4:30Am evidently the thinks I am supposed to be afraid of her, you notice she doesn’t stand to close to me. I don’t know about others but I call broadcasting verbal babble into my personal side at #;30 am harassment, I call broadcasting visual flashing lights and faces onto my vision at #:30 am harassment. I call causing a sore, an open sore, on my buttocks and lip not only a threat to physical health and well being but also physical harassment. Can anybody out there call having somebody that you don’t like to begin with broadcasting verbal, visual and physical harassment into your bedroom at 3:30 AM anything other than harassment? If so your probably making excuses for the thugs in Hollywood’s Kansas City facility because broadcasting verbal babble, visual crap and physical pain into my bedroom at 3:30 AM is what I call harassment, when you couple that with the fact I really detest the thugs to begin with it becomes more than harassment. Hollywood is hurting me physically and emotionally with this group of thugs. And to top it off, one of them that has connected themselves to my body is sitting there in Hollywood’s Kansas City facility with a butt plug in their butt hole. I hope somebody puts a knife in the face of the bitch that swelled my lips and caused the sores on my body. Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, December 27, 2005 One of these days, whether I’m alive or dead that bitch is going to be forced into leaving that facility. We’ll se how much she laughs then.


My words were I don’t give a squat who it is I do not want them on my legs. One of these days everybody is going to realize I was telling the truth when I wrote the reason the woman wont get off my crotch is because the other beings of light (the other sides) wont carry her, every time she tries putting herself on a different side the side cones in toward and onto the ground. The side she refuses to disconnect herself from is already on the floor. Oh I know she has dozens of excuses but this is the truth and as far as I’m concerned she is shit out of lick because I don’t want her on my legs, it was the thugs putting themselves on my knees and the aura of my back that raped me and helped the woman connecting herself to my crown cause the sores on my crotch and body. I don’t want them on my knees, I don’t want them on my crotch . NOT EVEN HER. Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, December 26, 2005


The woman has taken her clothes off again and has connected herself to my body and is playing with her crotch stinging me in the sore they caused on my crotch, She has been making the sore worse for the last three days including causing two new patches of ruptures skin. She is also getting something that feels like it has voltage attached to up her rectum at this moment 10:17 PM Monday, December 26, 2005 Stephen Wayne Reno


She still has the hand inside of her butt hole. Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, December 26, 2005 9:31 PM


Did the woman in Hollywood’s Kansas City facility that is transmitting on my vision tell the media that she is and has been transmitting images of such things like dead fly’s through my eyes and onto the food I eat wile simultaneously recording through my eyes  and saving the recording to use to discredit what and who I am at a later time? No, I didn’t figure she did, She is. I’ve witnessed her doing such (superimposing images onto my belongings and into my apartment by transmitting images of whatever she wanted folks to think I had in my hands or in my apartment,  through my eyes wile simultaneously recording what I am looking at and see) for more than two years. She calls the recordings she makes “her evidence”

Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, December 26, 2005


The hand the woman (the WOMAN) has had in her butt hole for the last few hours is causing discomfort in my body.

Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, December 26, 2005


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