March 15, 2006 (401-03152006)

Today, as I bathed, (approximately 2:30-2:45PM Wednesday, March 15, 2006) the woman in Hollywood’s Kansas City facility and her three friends once again turned on whatever it is she (the woman I refer to as the dickless bitch) has connected to my penis and has once again hurt me, I do not know if she has whatever it is connected to the man that has repeatedly threatened to harm me (and has), and the man  connected to my body, or if it is the thread like wires she connected to my body and caused so many sores with, but I believe it was one of the two, possibly both. Has anybody out there noticed, being Emerald will not support the drug addicts anymore?, he (Emerald) will not let them hide behind his light anymore ether, I believe, although there are numerous reasons for his (being Emerald) decision, at least one of or part of the reason he has made such a decision is because of the harm this man has caused (the man in the Kansas City facility Hollywood has been funding the woman has been connecting to my body and hurting as a method of hurting me). This man has hurt me, the woman connecting things to my body has hurt me, they have hurt the being that is the light, they have hurt the people living within the being, they shall be removed from the light, the longer Hollywood waits before disconnecting this group of drug addicts and shutting this woman’s company down, the more the industry looses. Everything the industry looses during our (the being that is the light, the people living within the being and to what ever extent I myself can help) removal of this group of junkies and her company, the industry will not be able to recover nor fix. The woman Hollywood has been funding, the drug addict friends of hers which include the man they call the rock star, and the woman’s company (the celebrity funded Kansas City facility) has hurt me in the growing area again, this time, the penis.

Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, March 15, 2006 

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  1. Unknown says:

    well if she hurting you get the hell away from her lol

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