March 15, 2006 (402-03152006)

I had just returned from the bathroom and was contemplating the severity of how severe the drug addict had hurt me in the penis and the fact wile I was in the bathroom, she was broadcasting herself laughing about the damage to my body she had done, it was approximately 6:09/6:10pm this evening (Wednesday, March 15, 2006) when she then broadcasted the words “I caused the rash to” (she was referring to the immense sore she caused on my crotch burning me electrically with voltage and the beaded thread like wires that she caused June 2005 through January 2006) and I witnessed, from the background of the TV screen (channel 5 KCTV central standard time zone, Kansas City) one of the thugs Hollywood has been funding and forcing on my personal sides became somewhat visible (the face) and questioned whether anyone had heard the woman’s confession. My letters, the letters I’ve emailed, the letters I’ve mailed, the letters I’ve faxed, the letters I’ve published, the text I placed on the photos of myself that I published, my spoken words and my thoughts are testimonies I have made in the presents of the living God and God’s people that this woman did this to me and that I have not lied, she is the woman that hurt my face in the photos from March/April 2004, she is the same woman that caused all the sores revealed in all the photos I have published revealing damage done to my body. I hope justice occurs against this woman and the thugs in the facility with her, I know the others in the facility with this woman helped her. This woman and her friends would be in prison today if it wasn’t for the fact the celebrities are now and have been protecting her and her friends in the Kansas City facility as she and her friends hurt me physically day after day. This woman has also hurt the living being of light, that I know to literally be the light of God, this woman has hurt God’s people, know for certain I hate this woman, I hate this woman’s friends, there isn’t any sympathy in my heart for this woman nor her friends, there is however a hope and a prayer that whatever fate awaits this woman and her friends, it is the worst of fates God and God’s people can cause, a fate much, much worse than the years of emotional heartache, physical pain, hardship and turmoil she and her friends has caused the living God, God’s people, and I. Although I will not publish photos of my penis, so that evidence exists, I have taken two photographs of the damage the woman did to my body in this area today. Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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