March 21, 2006 (407-03202006)

I believe the drug addict woman once again has connected the man in the Hollywood funded Kansas City facility that has repeatedly threatened to harm me, fatally if he could, and, as he usually does is hurting me.

Stephen Wayne Reno 5:02 PM Tuesday, March 21, 2006 


Again, as I have done since March 2002 in more than 400 letters, and verbally since the year 2001 (although the occupants in the Kansas City facility began sexually assaulting, and forcibly sodomizing me the year 1993/94, because of my embarrassment about what was being done to me by the celebrities and their friends, I did not begin speaking out about being raped until the year 2001 when I returned from Sidney Australia) in the presents of the living God I tell you the woman’s whole hand and a portion of her arm is in fact inside of the butt hole of the other individual, I can testify to this fact because both individual are and have been electronically connected (wired) to my body via my personal sides and I have been forced to feel the woman inserting her hand into his, and her, butt hole for quite a number of years (note the first letter I wrote about being sexually assaulted and raped in this manner was March 2002 which I emailed to Oprah, then I began writing more letters July 2002 which I faxed to CNN because of the lack of recourse against the woman and her three friends forcibly raping and sodomizing me). I believe the individuals in the facility have implied that it only looks like her hand is in his butt hole and yet I tell you, it really is. Although I do not know the precise details, as I have stated in previous letters, I believe their (the occupants in the Kansas City facility) method of doing this is really quite simple, both of the occupants engaging in the Homosexual sexual activity are in the same facility sitting next to each other, one of them has been electronically (wired) connected to the upper personal side wile the other has been electronically (wired) connected to the lower personal side. For the longest time I believed that only the occupants connected to one of my personal sides could be seen, wile the other occupants, although still there in the same facility, connected to the other personal side, were hidden behind the light of the personal side they were connected to. I do not know for certain but it appears to me if you were seeing only one of my personal sides (such as the background of the TV screen), or, when you tune into my personal side via an electronic TV or monitor, you would only see the individuals wired to that personal side, or, if you were seeing both, it would appear as if the occupants connected to the different sides, (unless the occupants had situated themselves in the center where my body is, in which case both individuals would appear as if there were only one individual), would appear as if they were sitting opposite of each other, such as one upside down, one right side up, both seemingly in different rooms, I believed if you used two monitors, each monitor tuned to one of the sides, and put the two images together, the upper and the lower, I believe you could determine the occupants connecting themselves to the upper and the occupants connecting themselves to the lower were in fact in the same room and you could see what they were doing. I believe the reason for the recent change in this fact is, and, the reason folks throughout the industry have begun seeing both the occupants connecting themselves to the upper and the occupants connecting themselves to the lower is because the two beings that are the light of both the upper and the lower personal sides are number one, meshing themselves together, making it possible to see the occupants that are connected to different sides together as if there was only one side, and two, being emerald is at this time of day in my life refusing to let the occupants in the Kansas City facility use him as their hiding spot as they have been using him for more than a decade, wile it is true, the little short woman still can’t put herself on a side that is not on the floor because the rings (which is the being) will not support her and instead, comes down and grounds to the floor, he, (being Emerald) is making it  impossible for the individuals in the Kansas City facility connecting themselves to my personal sides to hide behind his light as they did for more than a decade, thus, allowing the activities of the thugs Hollywood has been funding in the Kansas City facility to become visible. What this really means is, and the God’s honest truth is, that the being’s refusal to be used by the drug addicts in the facility has allowed, and in fact has caused the ability for the folks throughout the industry to witness the fact the celebrity society has been funding a group of drug addicts that have forced themselves onto my personal sides and are in fact engaging in this Homosexual activity wile aiming live broadcasting cameras at themselves forcing the whole industry and the public at large to stair at them, whether visible or not, wile simultaneously implying that what those throughout the industry were seeing was the sun, which in turn thwarts the denials of the celebrity society. What this also in reality means is that the celebrities have purposely, against the will of the sun, funded a group of drug addicts that connect themselves to my personal sides, bought them illegal drugs, housed and fed them wile they maliciously, forcibly, raped and sodomized the man they have called the sun for 45 years. I further believe, and hope, for the remainder of my life, the industry has lost the ability of using being Emerald. When Hollywood looses the ability of the use of one of my personal sides, it will dawn on them I spoke the truth, that the being that is the light is in fact an alive being as I stated he is, and that they will inevitably loose the use of the other personal side as well, when the realization of these facts sinks in, the industry, including the business community, will realize as I told them years ago, they shouldn’t have built their houses and their businesses on the back of, nor the front of, someone else’s body, especially without asking if they could, and even much more stupid, to do such wile treating the individual they were building their houses and businesses on as cruel and as maliciously as the drug addicts in the Hollywood funded Kansas City facility has treated God, God’s people and I.

I also tell you quite factually and for the record, I believe it could easily be said, every individual that has been in the facility with these drug addicts since my return from Sidney Australia has ether participated with, or has been part of the cover up of the actions of this group of drug addicts, or both, and in fact, it is also quite easy to say that every individual that has participated with this group of drug addicts since 1993/94 has been directly involved in committing, and, or, at minimum, part of covering up the fact these thugs have repeatedly broadcasted expositions onto the being that is the light attempting to murder the species of men they know dang good and well are not some computer generated image some drug addict junkie whipped up and programmed, and there is no way they could not have known I was being raped and forcibly sodomized. I could also easily say, odds are, anybody that has sat in the Kansas City facility connected to my back side since 2001 has very probably had the woman’s hand up their butt hole wile connected to my body or has helped her cause the sores on my body revealed in the more than 250 photos published on my space. Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Something the federal government should give serious contemplation to, when the sun dies, a whole bunch of those military troops stationed all around the globe will be needed right here in the United States of America, every enemy of the united states will see this time as a pinnacle and a most internally vulnerable time for this nation causing severe susceptibility situations by external forces.  What I mean by this is simple, it is quite easy for folks throughout the industries to sit around thinking that as soon as the sun dies everybody can go back to the lives they had before the sun was born and nobody will ever know the difference, what those speculating such seem to easily overlook is the fact an entire telecommunication, internet, entertainment industry and more has for the last forty five years been built on a foundation that will vanish when the sun dies, even with the rings situated on the floor, the full effect of the dispersal and seeming disappearance of this foundation that will occur when the sun dies will not be fully felt and realized until the sun dies, the collapse of immense structures the industries will suffer, including monetary, when the sun dies, will lead to immense  social and economic upheaval, mistrust and devastation which will be perceived and viewed by other nations as a pinnacle and an immensely susceptibly vulnerable time internally for the United States which in turn will cause external forces to act upon and against what will be perceived as a less adequate easier prey suffering the consequences of their actions.

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Between 4:45PM and 5:30PM today, I heard the fat man the celebrities call the rock star broadcasting a message he did not intend to be heard of the words, and this is a quote of his words “No matter what the people say, were not leaving this room” I don’t know if his sentence referred to the fact he was stating and telling the other occupants in the facility that he and his group of drug addict friends were not going to disconnect themselves from my personal sides no matter what they were told to do, or whether he was stating and telling the other occupants in the facility that he and his group of drug addict friends were not going to disconnect themselves from my personal sides and leave the facility where they are and have been hiding. Whichever he was referring to, I tell you this, to both situations I state, and I want folks to remember I stated this, “that man and his drug addict friends will come out of that room, that man and his drug addict friends will come out of both rooms, the room they call my personal side, and, the facility where they are hiding. One way or another, when it cost the industry enough, they will come out of there, ether on their own two feet, or in handcuffs, or in body bags, ether way, one way or another, they will come out of there.” Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, March 20, 2006

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