March 24, 2006 (409-03242006)

I would have published this earlier this evening but I just awoke (8:18 PM) from a comatose state of sleep induced by the woman transmitting on my crown that she began transmitting during the 4PM hour this afternoon, the woman Hollywood is funding has caused me to miss the sunset and has once again risked my life, this time she cheated me out of four hours of my evening and sunset.

Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, March 24, 2006


Something I have noticed, since June 2002 when I opened my debit checking account and the woman in the Hollywood funded Kansas City facility broadcasted a message onto my side asking me to help her rip somebody’s money off so she could buy illegal drugs for herself and her friends (which by the way I told her fuck off, that I would not help her, that I would not help her rip somebody else’s money off, and, that I would expose her and their scam to every body I could.) since broadcasting her message asking me for help, every time I visit an ATM or store, and I mean every time, literally since 2002, the woman transmitting the crap on my vision has transmitted the word “RENO” across my vision, although I do not know the details of the theft or scam, I believe the word “RENO” transmitted by the woman transmitting the crap on my vision is a message to one of her drug addict friends telling them who to steel their illegal drug money from, i.e., which bank account to take their illegal drug money from. It is possible the drug addicts have the bank account number of a bank account the celebrities have been depositing money into and are buying their illegal drugs from this bank account, this morning I was telling the people and God and the sun at sunrise I needed to go to the grocery store and again, moments later broadcasted the word “RENO” across my vision. I further believe the fat man they call the rock star and the other occupants in the Kansas City facility have embezzled a whole bunch of money from this or some other bank account, that they have hidden, perhaps in someone else’s name. The fat man and the woman has been broadcasting messages onto my side telling me they have been depositing money for me, that they say belongs to me and claim is mine into a bank account since around 1996, they have refused to give the money they have said they have been depositing, that they have said belongs to me, to me. Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, March 24, 2006 


Moments after writing the above letter the woman in the Kansas City facility broadcasted a message onto my side calling me a liar, you know, it’s quite easy for anybody to determine whether I am a liar or not, all anybody has to do is tune in around the woman in the Kansas City facility and see for themselves, in addition to this fact, I have the being that is the light and the people living within the being vouching for the fact I am telling the truth, including often adding the precise details of the truths I am telling, has anybody taken a look at who’s vouching for the thugs in the Kansas City facility lately? To the best of my knowledge, only three or four junkies whom are all in the same facility, all dependant on obtaining illegal drugs from those they are vouching for. Like it or not, the above letter is the truth. So are the rest of the more than 400 letters I have written, emailed, faxed, mailed and published since 2002. Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, March 24, 2006 

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