March 30, 2006 (417-03282006)

By the way, for a couple weeks now the drug addict in the celebrity funded Kansas City facility has been making snide innuendos that during the morning (and probably during the evening) wile watching the sun rise above the horizon, that I say things such as “good morning” or “hello” as if I am in conversation with him, let me be really candid about this right hear in printed and publicly published letter for all to see and know, not only do I say “good morning” to him (the sun as he rises above the horizon, but I also say “hello”, “good day” and a hole bunch of things such as things I am doing or involved in, things of my day and night wile he was on the other side of the world, and as if this wasn’t enough, I also say things such as “your beautiful”, “thank you” and believe it or not, (you better sit down for this one) I even tell him “I love you”, not only do I do this during the morning and evening hours wile watching him rise and set above and below the horizon, quite often throughout the day and even sometimes at night I look out toward the sky and say things to him, I sometimes even sit outside with my meals with the intent of having him and his beautiful rays, eat with me, and as if this still wasn’t enough,   God and God’s people as my witness on this, I mean every word I say to him. And oh, by the way, anybody out there that doesn’t like this fact, so what, why don’t you and the dead bitch in the Kansas City facility spreading the innuendos get together and fuck off together. If you really want something to flap your jaw about, how about this, I speak to the Earth and Moon, and even the rest of the universe the same way. For years and years the very same drug addicts told folks all throughout the industry I was talking to them, for the record, as I have stated repeatedly, over and over and over again, I would never stoop so low as to befriend or converse with any of the junkies of the celebrity funded facility, to be thought of as someone that befriended or conversed with this group of drug addict thugs with so very, very many, much, much better people on this planet is what I call a defamation of character. Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, March 30, 2006  


The drug addicts reason for burglarizing my apartment, to the best of my knowledge, based on past experience and communications I have intercepted and heard, is four fold, number one, to steel from me, number two, to harm me fatally if possible, number three, to cause emotional distress by moving items in my apartment around and tampering with items in my apartment that cause me to realize somebody has been in my apartment, hoping the emotional distress bothers me to the point of leaving, thus, loosing my 12 month lease and the grant helping me pay for my apartment, and four, to make it appear to others within the industry that I am crazy by moving things in my apartment around and tampering with and vandalizing things in my apartment then getting others to think I am imagining things and or that I am crazy, thus discrediting me and preventing others throughout the industry from  believing the things I write and say, thus, causing those writing the events of this day to discredit and label the sun in writings for future generations, crazy.

Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, March 30, 2006


The woman transmitting is still transmitting explosions, also, as of this very minute (7:18 PM Thursday, March 30, 2006), the junkies are still sexually assaulting me in the scrotum, testes, penis and rectum, they are also still hurting my lip.


The drug addicts in the celebrity facility are still screaming out my name dozens of times daily and are still attempting forcing God’s people and I to interact with their crap. God’s people and I will not interact with the junkies of that nor any other facility, and if the celebrities or the junkies don’t like this fact, so what.

Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, March 30, 2006

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