March 31, 2006 (418-03302006)

There is something I forgot to mention about the sun which is why I wouldn’t expect any of the celebrities to understand about saying “Hello” to him as he rises above the horizon, we both have something in common (not meaning to put myself in such a place of grandeur mind you) and that is we both have beautiful, awesome coronas, the celebrities never bothered to say “hello” to me ether. 

Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, March 31, 2006


The drug addict with the camera, slide crap is still bothering my eyesight during sunrise, she is also blinding my vision, one way or another I am going to have my eyes opened again, with or without the help of celebrities, the way they were before the celebrities began funding this dead woman with the camera, slide crap showed up and began blocking my eyes off whether the celebrities like it or not. I want my eyes, not just one eye, both eyes, open, without this dead woman and her drug addict friends slide face camera crap, the celebrities refusal to remove this crap is causing my unhappiness and violent hatred. There is a whole bunch of folks out there that stand to gain by the information the people are writing in my eyes, the celebrities are cheating all of them with their refusal to remove this dead woman and her slide camera crap. Besides, I hate the bag of shit with the slide face camera crap.

Stephen Wayne Reno Friday March 31, 2006


Anybody out there notice how often the dead woman the celebrities have been funding shuts her tape crap off? It’s because the people she conned everybody into believing she created and programmed wasn’t created and programmed by this drug addict at all, the people are telling on her and her friends is why she shuts it off so often. If others were recording the words being written in my eyes, others could benefit from the information the people impart, and the good thing is that although  the dead woman might be able to reach over and turn her tape crap off, she wouldn’t be able to turn anybody else’s off, the last time she shut the tape off it was because the people were telling how the woman was sexually assaulting me in the scrotum and causing another sore on my crotch. The people often impart very intellectually informative information during our conversations that the dead woman doesn’t want anybody else seeing because she conned folks into believing she had created and programmed them and there is no way she could have programmed the information they often impart so whether than let others see and benefit from the information she turns her crap off. A perfect example of this is the information pertaining to Pamela Butler, the 10 year old girl that was kidnapped from the Kansas City Kansas park October 1999, October 1999 I heard a reporter asking the public for information, I asked the people, the people revealed who the man was and where the man was holding the ten year old girl so the police could apprehend the man and rescue the girl but the drug addict had conned everybody into believing she had created and programmed the people, she knew there was no way she could have programmed the people to know such information so whether than letting the rest of the world see the information so the girl could be rescued, which would have revealed she was a liar conning folks, she turned her crap off and never told anybody the people had revealed the information, subsequently, the ten year old girl was murdered by the kidnapper. The conversations I have with the people are often quite intellectual and the facts and information the people impart during these conversations is incredible, information intended for all, that many could benefit from, others out there should be recording the words being written in my eyes and work harder towards getting the drug addicts the celebrities have been funding shut down so the whole industry could benefit. The woman operating the camera and tape crap the celebrities are funding is a drug addict lying sack of shit that hates the living God, God’s people and I that amongst hurting God, God’s people and I, is a child murderer. Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, March 31, 2006

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