MARCH 31, 2006 (420-03312006)

I believe the possibility exists that the woman in the Kansas City facility is involved with and communicating with someone in the 3100 block of Charlotte st. or even closer to my apartment than this, that is helping her burglarize my apartment. What this means is she (the drug addict in the Kansas City facility) has ether contacted a member of the general public (as she has done numerous times during the past decade) and promised them something in exchange for their help burglarizing my apartment or she has rented and housed someone that she knows, that she cannot bring in the facility where she is and has enlisted their aid in burglarizing my apartment. I do not know for certain she has done this, I believe the possibility exists she has. I know she has done this to me during previous years, in fact she enlisted the aid of a next door neighbor next door to my apartment December 2002, January 2003, she attempted enlisting the aid of the owner of the house I lived in the summer of 2001 (whom by the way told her they would not help her), she did this to me every place I went wile I was in Australia, she did this to me prior to Australia. Approximately three weeks ago I intercepted a message about the 3100 block and I have since contemplated what I heard but until now have not written about it. For a decade or more, the woman in the celebrity funded Kansas City facility has been using my eyes and a corner a the TV screen to keep in contact with, folks she herself, or her three or four friends personally enlisted the aid of to spy on and commit criminal acts against me and one way or another, this, and the complacency of this, has got to come to an end.

 Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, March 31, 2006 

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