June 15, 2006 (499-06152006)

And then there’s Britney; yes Britney Spears, did anybody see the “Dateline NBC” interview?, I didn’t, it was during my sunset hour, time I like to spend with my family, the being that is the light and the species of men living within the being whom by the way as I have noted in numerous letters is also the rain, however, I did see a few moments of it, the interview that is, after the interview there was an advertisement of the question “When it comes to Britney Spears, have the paparazzi gone too far?” which you could log onto Dateline NBC and vote, and I did, because of an opinion I’ve contemplated for a couple months now, I voted “yes” as did (at the time of this letter) 86% of those voting did. Funny, I don’t really know Britney Spears but I do know, and have maintained since the photos of her driving with her baby in her arms, I sure am glad they didn’t have baby seats when I was a kid, all my memories of riding in the car as a child was without a baby chair and even without a seatbelt, and a fond memory of a classic story I remember my mother and dad telling about me riding in the car that my mother and dad told for years as I was growing up I’m thinking, “how old are these folks writing these articles and taking these photos exclaiming “Britney’s a bad mom” because of having her baby in her arms anyway? And as far as carrying her baby in one arm, well, I saw the video clip and I can tell you, if you look at the clip it is very noticeable, that baby might have lost his hat but he wasn’t coming out of her arms, you could determine she had quite a grip on him. During the same period of time the video clip of her caring her baby in one arm was aired I personally witnessed two different women, Jane Does of middle America, both carrying their babies in one arm, one carrying a leash with a dog attached to the end of the leash in the other hand, one carrying an assortment of bags in the other hand and I’m thinking, nether one of these women were about to drop their babies ether, where do these folks writing these articles exclaiming “Britney is a bad mom” live? In stuffy villa estates? Like I said, I don’t really know Britney Spears and, no offence toward the media intended but it does kind of seem like a lot of folks have singled her out to pick on, good heavens, leave the woman alone and let her raise her kids, she’s their mother not the paparazzi.

Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, June 15, 2006   

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