June 19, 2006 (501-06182006)

So that it can not be disputed at a later time, such as after my death, so that it can be said you heard it from me, the horses mouth so to speak, so folks can not do to me what the Da Vinci code did to Jesus Christ, I am testifing for the record here and now, wile I am alive, I am not the father of the child Catherine DeVera became pregnant with during the early nineties. Catherine DeVera became pregnant after I returned from my first trip to Australia 1990, we had had intercourse only once during our marriage, there was no exchange of sperm, I lived in her apartment for about three days after my return from Australia that first trip (1990) which is when the incidence of intercourse occurred, after which, we were separated, after our separation I lived in Bellflower California, San Diego California and Pomona California which is when she became pregnant, although we were legally married at the time of her pregnancy, she had committed adultery, she became pregnant by someone other than myself, wile we were separated. Wile the one incidence of intercourse did in fact last for approximately three hours, I did not orgasm, those of the society that were around at the time might remember there was no down pouring of rain falling over the incident at all. If Catherine DeVera chooses to dispute this fact I am calling her a liar, with today’s blood and DNA testing capabilities, she will be proven a liar, I am not the father of the child she was pregnant with during the early nineties nor any other time. Knowing Catherine DeVera, the father of the child she was pregnant with after she came to America could be the neighborhood four legged canine dog for all I know. Catherine DeVera and I were legally divorced during the early nineties. Under California law, the fact she had committed adultery and became pregnant by another man, means she does not have any rights to anything belonging to me, under California law, she looses everything and because of what she did to me, I would have left her with nothing. She is not entitled to anything belonging to myself nor any other member of my family; nether is the rest of her family.

Stephen Wayne Reno Sunday, June 18, 2006

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