June 30, 2006 (511-06302006)

I have just discovered more food tampering by the drug addict woman burglarizing my apartment, some of which, based upon the state of the food tampered with, must have been during the past seven to ten days, some of which that again, based upon the condition of the food tampered with, must have occurred within the last one to three days which coincides with the discovery that the woman is once again steeling from me, this time as with several times before the drug addict woman has stole some coffee from me, so much in fact that the amount of coffee removed from the canister equals nearly an inch in depth. The ability to notice the removal of such a large amount of coffee from a recently opened canister of coffee by someone that only uses two and a half to five spoonfuls per day as I do is quite easy and very obvious.  Both incidences of food tampering are such that it is blatantly obvious the food has been tampered with, with chemicals that could obviously lead to fatality if consumed. Again I can state with honesty and in truth that the celebrities and the Bush administration have once again risked my life by protecting this drug addict woman instead of apprehending her. Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, June 30, 2006


The drug addict woman in the Kansas City facility the celebrities are funding has been and is attempting to make her false recordings appear as if the species of men living within the being are telling her to hurt me in what I believe an attempt by the woman to make it appear as if her excuse for hurting me, and, that she is excusing herself for hurting me by implying the people told her to and I am testifying here and now for the record they are not. Fact is the species of men don’t even converse with the drug addict woman at all, they never did, they never will. I also just today intercepted a message by the drug addict woman in the Kansas City facility implying that she has been using the species of men to “write”, this woman is a liar attempting to defame the character and integrity of the species of men by implying they would stoop to allowing themselves to be used by this drug addict woman whom hates, and, has hurt us. Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, June 30, 2006


It is in fact the drug addict woman connecting herself to my crown and the drug addict woman positioning herself on my lower personal side that is instructing the drug addict woman to hurt me in the crotch and other areas of my body. It is also these two drug addict women that are instructing the drug addict woman to burglarize my apartment and tamper with my food. I have personally witnessed the drug addict woman doing the slide crap attempting to block my eyes from the rest of the industry every time I leave my apartment to prevent the rest of the industry from seeing details of and the fact the drug addict woman is burglarizing my apartment being told by the species of men, often simultaneously as the woman is actually committing the crime of burglary and tampering with my food.

Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, June 30, 2006


I believe the drug addict woman in the Kansas City facility that has been connecting herself to my personal sides, aura, and crown, that has been sitting in front of the camera pretending to be interacting with or communicating with me has in fact  been communicating with the drug addict woman she has positioned in my neighborhood wile simultaneously implying to others that she was communicating with me. I believe each of the drug addicts in the Kansas City facility and the drug addicts positioned in my neighborhood are involved in and have participated in this scam for several years. It’s like this, I know for a fact the drug addicts are implying and insinuating that they are, and have previously, conversed with or had conversations with me and I can assure you they aren’t now and never did. I instinctively disliked this whole group of junkies from day one and have never conversed with any of them, not even the drug addict woman that transmitted images of herself through my eyes appearing to be sitting or standing in front of me conversing with me. Her recordings are manufactured lies she manufactured to intentionally deceive others into believing she had had discussions with me but in reality didn’t. She has known since day one I did not like her and would just as soon stick a knife in her rather than stoop so low as to converse with her.

Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, June 30, 2006

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