July 16 2006 (525-07162006)

The antichrist is the drug addict woman that used to put her finger in front of the men’s crotches she aimed the camera at. She is also the same drug addict woman federal agents monitoring her activities wanted to put a pullet hole in the forehead of April/May/June of the year 2001, and again July/August of 2002 for the same reason, her activities, the activities they themselves (the federal agents) witnessed her (the drug addict woman) commit against the man they (the federal agents) knew to be the sun, and very likely, numerous times since. It is not my intention to reveal that there are federal agents monitoring the activities of the drug addict woman, after all, I have in fact stated in numerous published letters that I do in fact hope there are folks, folks that the drug addicts don’t know the identity of monitoring their (the drug addicts of the Kansas City facility) activities, proof of this is the simple fact I could ask the species of men and the being that is the light to identify them (the federal agents) and the details about them but instead have on numerous occasions have prayed that their identities (the federal agents) and their task not be discovered. It is however my intention to tell everyone and prove this drug addict woman and her drug addict friends are in fact bad individuals that should never have been given access to the body of God, God’s people and I. Somehow, someway, before the day I die, it will be known, a factual mater of common knowledge amongst the insiders throughout the industries and amongst the entire consortium, that this drug addict woman is in fact the antichrist. I shall have no remorse when this drug addict woman and her three or four friends are dead. I shall however thank the living God and celebrate. Stephen Wayne Reno Sunday, July 16, 2006

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