July 25, 2006 (531-07242006)

WARNING; this letter contains profanity and rude slang, although the true fact is the profanity and rude slang I’ve used in this letter is not an accurate description of my normal use of the English language, I’ve used the profanity and rude slang here in this letter to reveal to the reader my emotion regarding the issue and topic of the letter which in my opinion, words I would normally use in conversation would not accurately depict just how thoroughly fed up I am and that my tolerance has in fact come to a boiling point and end. Other than perhaps the individuals my letters reveal my distaste for, those whom I quite candidly indicate dislike of and for whom quite frankly I don’t give a squat about, it is not now nor never has been my intention to offend anyone reading my letters. If the use of such profanity and rude slang offends you, simply do not read any further.   

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I’m getting really, really, really tired of not being able to see out my very own eyes because of what Hollywood’s drug addict bitch is doing with the camera and slide crap she uses. The stupid bitch broadcasted a message exclaiming that she was in the middle of programming something as her latest excuse for blinding me, Hello, I was right in the middle of living my life and using my eyes to see with when this stupid bitch showed up and began obstructing my eyesight and vision with her camera and slide crap, her excuse is bullshit. I’m tired of not being able to see out my very own eyes because of what Hollywood’s drug addict bitch is doing with the camera and slide crap she uses. I want my eyes back Hollywood, take you fuckin drug addict bag of shit, her camera and her slide crap and shove them up your ass hole and leave the light of God, God’s people and I alone.  

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I have just witnessed something, more food tampering, that indicates the drug addict woman burglarizing my apartment has once again burglarized my apartment that because of what I have noticed insist the woman burglarized my apartment sometime during the past 24 hours. As she has been doing for several weeks now, the drug addict woman in the Kansas City facility broadcasted a message indicating that the woman burglarizing my apartment was attempting making it appear as if she is and has been living with me. Let me state this really loud and clear, I am a single male living in a one bedroom apartment without roommates of any type of my own species, not male, certainly not female. Other than the light of God and the species of men that can be seen writing the living word in my eyes whom are not Homo sapiens, yet have always been my constant companions, I live alone. This drug addict woman burglarizing my apartment has been attempting making it appear as if she lived with me, to the best of my knowledge, since I was in Sidney Australia and possibly even earlier as part of a scam that she, along with the help of her three or four friends believe that they will be able to pull off at a time after my death. Whether the drug addict woman admits to the scam or not, whether her three or four drug addict  friends acknowledge they are part of her scam or not, I tell you I have heard her and her friends discussing their scam for a number of years and I know what I am saying is true. Although I personally do not know the full details of their scam, I know the species of men do, and I also know they will never succeeded. One of the drug addict women in the Kansas City facility has repeatedly told celebrities that I think these things because she intentionally lied to me to through me of into believing something that wasn’t true, fact is, telling celebrities this is how she has deceived celebrities into believing that I didn’t know what I was talking about numerous times and is in fact yet another of her scams that in reality is an attempt at keeping her scams a secret from the celebrities themselves. The reality is I don’t even converse with the drug addict woman that has kept her scams secrete from celebrities by telling them she lied to me to make me believe something that isn’t true to get the celebrities to discount what I stated, and further more, I know this whole group of drug addicts to be habitual liars, I would never believe anything any of them said, certainly not the one that tells celebrities she lied to me. The woman tells celebrities that she lied to me to make me think these things then she broadcast messages that I hear exclaiming that she lied to celebrities. My guess is the reality of the situation is she and her drug addict friends are breathing oxygen on borrowed time and the loan will expire ether sooner than or no later than the first 48 hours after I die. I perceive another reality of the situation is everybody out there in reality feels the same about each of this group of drug addicts but because of the secrecy and hush might not realize their associates and peers throughout the industry feel the same, if everybody got together and had one big meeting like a convention or if a poll was taken across the nation amongst those that know, everyone would discover everyone’s feelings regarding this group of junkies is the same.

Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, July 24, 2006


I was away from my apartment Monday July 24, 2006 during sun and moon rise and set and between 10:45PM and 3:45PM.

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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