August 14, 2006 (539a-08142006)

This is the second version of the same letter published yesterday August 13, 2006


This is the facts of life, whether the Republicans or Democrats want to hear this or not isn’t my concern, I tell you this because of the fact that the Bush administration is the only administration I have personally sought help from during my 45 years as a man named Stephen, and because of my dissatisfaction with the results. To date, during more than dozens of personal request the bush administration has ignored virtually every one and has made virtually no discernable difference. As a result, I have disowned the Republican Party and I tell you this from the heart. Joseph Lieberman is perceived as a quack and doesn’t have the heart nor support of the American public, whether this fact is a conscious thought in the minds of the population or subconscious reality in their hearts, the truth remains he does not have the support of the American public. If the Democratic Party does not get away from him they will find themselves in trouble. This November could be a real turn around for the Democratic Party including gaining “control” and majority and most definitely the oval office in 2008 but they must steer away from Senator Lieberman or they will find themselves in trouble. For the record, the drug addict woman in the Kansas City facility Identified as the antichrist supported, vouched for, and spoke on behalf of Joseph Lieberman during the 2000 presidential campaign which instantly caused me to dislike and disassociate him. Let us remember I was the one that spoke against the merger between Time Warner and AOL, I did such to Mr. Bill Gates when the Microsoft Corporation was contemplating and courting a merger, I spoke out loud and clear during the months Time Warner contemplated and courted the merger. The same drug addict woman in the Kansas City facility stated publicly and spoke on behalf of and for the merger. As it turns out it has been nothing more than a billion dollar looser. The Democratic party should believe and know in their hearts I am telling the truth in this matter or simply be willing to suffer their defeat and the consequences of hearing me telling them “I told you so”. I believe it to be an interesting note that Jimmy Carter was the only Democratic US president that I have voted for since being old enough to contemplate politics which was years ago in grade school. In truth it should also be noted I did not vote for Bill Clinton nether of the terms of his presidency, I do not however dislike the Clintons. For what it’s worth, without intending to imply in any way shape form or fashion that she should be nominated or run, I would however support a run by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton if she was nominated, if she did decide to run. The facts I have written here in this letter pertaining to my dissatisfaction and discontent with the Republican Party should not by any means be construed by the Democrats as, nor lead the democrats into believing their offices are a sure thing or already won, and should not lead them into letting their guard down, not even for a second. The being that is the light, his people, and to every extent I can, shall be watching.

Stephen Wayne Reno Sunday, August 13, 2006

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