August 16, 2006 (542-08162006)

Between 12 Noon and 3:19PM today August 16, 2006, the drug addict woman stalking me, burglarizing my apartment, tampering with my food once again burglarized my apartment. During the burglary she turned on and accessed my personal computer, I know that she did this because I had turned my computer off before leaving my apartment, when I returned at 3:19PM, the computer was frozen on the "Windows is shutting down" screen which indicates the woman burglarizing my apartment accessed my computer, did something, and then turned it off thinking she had turned it off, then left. What occurred is the computer froze up and needed to be reset manually proving it had been turned on wile I was away. Because of this I have a personal, from the heart message to the president of the United States of America that I would like to make public. So that it can be said for all future generations to know, This is how I feel. George Bush Jr. You are a coward, you, your wife, your children, your children’s descendants, and all of your relatives, rot in hell, don’t you ever ask anything of me, and I mean not ever, the same goes for all of your family and all of your family’s descendants. Don’t any of you ever speak my name. Stephen Wayne Reno August 16, 2006

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