August 17, 2006 (544-08172006)

Yesterday, August 16, 2006 wile watching a program I usually watch daily, airing  6:30PM CST, KCTV channel 5 Kansas City I saw an article about Kelly Clarkson, 2002 American Idol winner. Evidently, the program anchors got hold of some footage of her (Kelly Clarkson) enjoying herself at a local West Hollywood nightspot with a heavy metal band in what appeared to be a situation which did not necessarily show her (Kelly Clarkson) in the best of what celebrities would call the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, what irks me about the article is the anchors seemed to somehow completely overlook and neglect to comment upon the rather obvious fact the members of the heavy metal band she had gone to see had egged her on rather profusely. I’m only going to tell this once so be wise and remember. there are so very few individuals in the entertainment industry that as of today August 17, 2006 have the care and concern of the sun, you can probably count them on the fingers of one hand, without getting to the thumb. Kelly Clarkson is one of them. When this woman opens her mouth to sing, the emotion of her heart shines through. I enjoy hearing her. At the age of 45, I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve been out to a local pub, had a few, and enjoyed myself. "Judge harshly those that have the sun’s care and concern and find yourself harshly judged." "Show those that have the sun’s care and concern, badly, improperly, and, or, unfairly, and find yourself being severely scrutinized and seen badly, improperly, and, or, unfairly a dozen times worse." "All of the others, those that do not have the sun’s care and concern, you can trash any way you want to all day long. Leave the one’s I like alone."

Stephen Wayne Reno  August 17, 2006

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