August 31, 2006 (553-08312006)

Yesterday, after waking from a comatose state of sleep intentionally induced by the drug addict woman in the Kansas City facility which caused me to miss the moonrise, at 2:30PM, wile greeting the moon hello, I personally witnessed, with my very own eyes, and heard with my very own ears, the drug addict woman in the Kansas City facility speaking and broadcasting a message of the words "the people told her to put down the sun", the message was responded to by another of the drug addict women, one of her associates in the same facility with her whom broadcasted the words "I will, the very next opportunity I get…" and the drug addict woman stopped speaking. moments later I personally overheard another of the drug addicts exclaiming the words "if your assassination goes awry…" followed by the first drug addict woman broadcasting another message of the words "your people want you dead." I believe there are other witnesses to their conversation which clearly indicates there intent to assassinate the sun. These are the very same drug addicts the celebrities are and have been funding, protecting, and supporting. I personally witnessed this conversation between the drug addicts in the Kansas City facility, it was not not a prerehearsed conversation, it was however another of numerous dozens of attempts I personally witnessed by the drug addicts in the Kansas City facility at shifting the blame for hurting the sun onto the species of men living within the being by insinuating the species of men had instructed them, the drug addicts, to harm the sun. Stephen Wayne Reno August 31, 2006

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