October 11, 2006 (579-10112006)

I personally have overheard conversations that indicate the drug addict woman in the Kansas City facility the celebrities are funding have intentions of committing an act of violence against me that they (the drug addict woman and her three friends) anticipate being fatal before they loose their camera and side which means sometime between today Wednesday, October 11, 2006 and December 31, 2006. I do not know whether it will be by the drug addict woman burglarizing my apartment who plans tampering with my food with something that results in death, or whether it will be the drug addict woman in the Kansas City facility rigging and connecting currents of voltage to my body which she then intends to claim was an accident, I have heard them (the drug addict woman and her three friends) discussing both. I further believe their conversations have been witnessed by others including the federal agents monitoring their activity. Unfortunately, because of the current white house administration (the Bush family) and or their relationship with the celebrities of the celebrity society, as of today nothing has been done to apprehend the drug addict woman burglarizing my apartment and nothing has been done to force the drug addict woman and her friends rigging the currents of voltage and connecting herself and her friends to my body off of my aura, crown and personal sides.

Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, October 11, 2006

In addition to Sun and Moon rise and set which are constants, below is a list of the dates and times I have been away from my apartment since I last published this information. There are several exceptions to these dates and times equaling approximately 15 to 30 minutes each in which I walked three regular city blocks to the local convenience store or supermarket and did not document the time.

Monday October 09, 2006 between approximately 10:00AM and 2:47PM,

Saturday October 07, 2006 between 8:30AM and 11:38AM,

Friday October 06, 2006 between 8:20AM and 1:38PM,

Thursday October 05, 2006 between 10:52AM and 12:52AM and again between 7:19PM and 8:00PM,

Tuesday October 03, 2006 between 10:56AM and 3:30PM,

Friday September 29, 2006 between Noon and 2:00PM,

Thursday September 28, 2006 between 7:45AM and 1:54PM.

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, October 10, 2006



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