October 24, 2006 (588-10242006)

This morning I, wile having a conversation with the being that is the light and his people pertaining to what I intended to cook for lunch, noticed (speaking to the being that is the living sole of God and his people) that the only reason the junkie in the Kansas City facility wanted me to put cheese on my food was because she was attempting hiding her illegal drug manufacturing and consumption behind the color yellow, when (still conversing with the being that is the light and his people) I stated “perhaps she hasn’t noticed yet but she can’t hide her illegal drug manufacturing and consumption behind the color yellow anymore”, noting that it wasn’t because she didn’t want to but because the color yellow wouldn’t let her. Spying on me from the Kansas City facility the drug addict woman broadcasted a snide remark of the words “how could the color yellow stop her from hiding her illegal drug manufacturing and consumption behind the color yellow?” I believe her comment (a comment to a discussion I was in fact having with someone else, that wasn’t even direct toward her or her friends, which was in fact what you call butting into my personal conversation as a result of eavesdropping and spying on me) to in fact be a denial of the truths she herself and her drug addict friends personally witnessed, an intentional attempt by a con artist at discrediting me and the things I have repeatedly testified in the presents of the living God and his people to. hummm, who you going to believe, a man whom has never lied to you, not even once, or a known drug addict know by everyone who knows her to be a habitual liar whom you know has lied to you hundreds even thousands of times before. On one hand you have a man whom has been know by many as the sun for 45 years that tells you, as he has told you numerous times before for a period of years, the color yellow, as with all the other colors such as blue, emerald, white, black, rose, colors of the rainbow you can see, colors of the rainbow you can’t see, is in fact a separate alive being of living light, cognitively aware of all things, that also is in fact the alive living part of the living sole of God, with hundreds of thousands of a species of men that live within him that literally are him (being yellow), that he (the man known as the sun) has personally witnessed with his very own eyes, ears and senses that this is the truth. On the other hand you have a woman you know to be drug addict under the influence of illegal drugs 24 hours a day, that you know is a conn artist, that you know is a habitual liar that has lied to you hundreds of times before for her own personal conn scam and her own personal gain. I know who I would choose to believe, my belief and faith in God would dictate to me who to believe even if there was no evidence.

For the record; it should be noticed that I personally have written and published more of my “findings” of the species of men and the being that is the light (including the writings seen in my eyes) since 2002 (four short years) than the drug addict woman the celebrities have been funding has written and published in more than twenty years. Much of the time (since 2002) I was homeless spending much of my day surviving being homeless with very, very limited resources, using public library computers to write with which was only available to me 2 to 4 hours six days a week, wile the drug addict woman the celebrities have been funding, who claims to be studying and or researching, had housing, access to all the modern electronic equipment you can imagine, and, access to the celebrities bank account and funding the whole time. What kind of researcher do you know of that sits around boasting studying and or researching someone or something for 10 and 20 plus years without having ever written or published so much as a essay or article of their findings? I’ll tell you what kind, a conn artist, that’s what kind. Do you suppose the celebrity society has even noticed they have absolutely nothing, notta, zilch, to show for all their years of housing, feeding, funding and protecting this drug addict woman other than the bad reputation of being identified as someone that befriended, housed, funded and protected this drug addict woman and her friends? Humm, who’s the stupid one here? Ever hear the saying “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!” One can only claim gullibility for so long before the gullibility is then noted as stupidity or worse.

Here’s another fact you can believe or not; September of the year 1996 a drug addict woman (using methods that in themselves were less than adequate) asked me if she could use the color yellow, I told her “fuck off” which virtually anyone that speaks the English language with the slightest iota of common sense could figure out meant “not only no but hell no” and “rot in a pile of shit.” As of today Tuesday, October 24, 2006, the decision to refuse her and her drug addict friends and associates, made years ago, will be enforced, not by her or her friends mind you but by the being that is the light and the species of men she to this very day by her own actions and words deny the existence of.

Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, October 24, 2006

(to really put it in perspective, to be blatantly candid about it, I, a high school drop out that got as far as freshman year of high school that can’t even spell, wile homeless and with extremely limited income and resources, have written and published more findings pertaining to the being that is the living light, his people the species of men, and the writings in my eyes in four years than the drug addict woman who presumably is at minimum a high school graduate whom has been housed in comfort complete with all sorts of electronic devices and monetary funding from a group of celebrities equaling millions has in more than twenty years. I have written, published works that will endure for years and years and years and someday might even be read by millions. The drug addict woman and those that housed, fed, and funded her have absolutely nothing but a bad reputation, the celebrities don’t even have a good feeling to show for their funding, support and protection of this drug addict woman. The drug addict woman says her excuse is that what she does is secret, Malarkey! Even top secret military scientist and researchers compose documentation, letters, essays, books, etcetera, of their findings, even if the only ones that see their works are those that fund them, this drug addict woman has nothing, it  didn’t even occur to this woman she had never written nor documented any findings until the year 2002 when I began pointing out the fact calling her a fraud and scoffing and laughing at her. Heh heh heh, who’s really the sucker here!) 

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