October 25, 2006 (589-10252006)

As far back as the Autumn of 2001 the species of men and the being that is the light identified the fact the drug addict woman in the celebrity funded Kansas City facility was bothering my heart connecting various currents of voltage to my chest and the color white, yesterday evening (Tuesday, October 24, 2006) as I laid trying to get some sleep, as the drug addict woman has done numerous times before including during the year 2000 when I was rushed by ambulance to Sidney general hospital (Australia) with what appeared to be a mild coronary, and during the month and months before I was hospitalized in Tucson April/May 2005, the drug addict woman began surging my chest and body with something she intentionally rigged and connected to my chest and aura to deliver currents of electric voltage which in fact is virtual and ample evidence the celebrities still as of yesterday have done absolutely nothing to make this drug addict woman they themselves are and have been funding quit connecting themselves and other devises including currents of voltage to my chest and aura. 

The drug addict woman sticking her face in my field of view and her friends in my opinion are nothing but piles of shit and I’m really sick and tired of this woman and her friends acting as if they believe my eyes and vision are their intercom. How would you like someone you would rather was dead using your eyes and vision as an intercom to contact and harass you all day long seven days a week? My eyes and vision is not this drug addict woman’s intercom. I’m also really sick and tired of this woman calling out my name acting as if I like her, she and her friends have dropped my name all over Hollywood for years as if I liked her and I don’t. Do you think celebrities can remember what a name dropper is? Someone out there needs to tell this junkie “quit contacting me”. For the record, I’m using my eyes to see with, not as her intercom. The being that is the light and his people are using my eyes for their own purposes which have nothing to do with this drug addict woman’s crap and they are also tired of this woman’s face and repeated contact and harassment. Under the current laws she IS committing the crime of harassment.

The drug addict woman in the celebrity funded Kansas City facility sticking objects and the other woman’s hand into her butt hole has once again caused a sore on my buttocks.

Yesterday, (Tuesday, October 24, 2006) the same drug addict woman once again put me in harms way inducing a comatose state of sleep wile I sat on my living room sofa with my front door wide open (between 5:00PM and 6:00PM Tuesday, October 24, 2006). Pryor to yesterday;

October 23, 2006 between 10:30AM and noon,

October 22, 2006 between approximately 2:30PM and 4:30PM again as I sat on my living room sofa with my front door wide open, and,

October 19, 2006 between 8:30PM and 11:15PM.

Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My god, what does it take to make one drug addict woman and her three drug addict friends go away and leave the light of God, his people and I alone?

On the day of Saturday October 21, 2006 the species of men intended to reveal to the industry facts of some of the atrocities the drug addict woman in the Kansas City facility and her friends had committed against the living light of the sole of God and his people and I, The drug addict woman spying on me with the camera from the celebrity funded Kansas City facility knew this, hoping to prevent the truth from reaching the industry about what she and her friends had done, with the electronics in the facility, at 10:53AM she attempted to “shut off” one of the rings surrounding me. I personally witnessed not only a very large disruption on the television, the woman literally momentarily stopped the radio transmittions of local radio stations whose broadcast, as with TV, intersect and cross the rings surrounding me. Because of what I personally witnessed I can tell you this fact, no matter how difficult it is for you to perceive this, I tell you this is the truth. Imagine if you had one switch in your home that turned on, and in this case off, virtually every electronic devise in your home including you telephone. One switch such as a light switch that when flipped turned off your TV, your radio, your lights, your computer, your telephone, everything, as if you turned off the main breaker supplying power to your entire home. On the day I pas away, all transmittions being transmitted on the radio spectrum, and I mean all, TV, radio, microwave, internet, virtually everything that is being transmitted on the radio spectrum, at the precise time of my death, will stop. The radio spectrum, being an alive being of living sole surrounding the earth and the species of men living within the being, will literally quit carrying virtually everything and observe a momentary moment of silence wile the rings surrounding me disperse, folks watching TV will witness a bright flash of light similar to what happens when a sun collapses and then explodes into what scientist call a super nova. You will not be able to hide the event from the public at large because virtually everything being transmitted on the radio spectrum will simultaneously momentarily cease for perhaps one to five or six minutes. After the rings have dispersed, the entire radio spectrum will literally come down to the floor and stay on the floor. When the moment of silence has lapsed, when transmittions on the radio spectrum resume, immediately the broadcasting companies, all of them, radio, TV, virtually every company transmitting on the radio spectrum, will notice one half the radio spectrum is gone. Companies transmitting on the part of the radio spectrum that is gone literally will not have a “frequency” to transmit on. Nationwide chaos will begin. Any company transmitting on the part(s) of the radio spectrum that is gone will be instantly bankrupted. The world population of Homo sapiens will haft to do with only the one half (or side) of the radio spectrum because that is all they will have until the next incarnation occurs and once again a Homo sapiens man is born and the rings once again appear, surrounding him. Companies should prepare today for this day, as long as the celebrity society and the federal government allow this drug addict woman and her friends near the sun, as long as the celebrity society and the federal government allow this drug addict woman and her friends connect themselves and other devices including currents of voltage this day could be any moment, any day. I tell you here, today, with this letter; the loss will be such, with such chaos and public outcry, that never again in the history of the earth will companies be allowed the use of the sun or the rings surrounding him. Never again.

Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, October 25, 2006

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