November 23, 2006 (618-11232006)

On this Thanksgiving day 2006 Thursday, November 23, 2006, I’d like to reveal a message I believe the being that is the living light and his people quite candidly revealed the last time I bathed myself that the drug addicts of the Kansas City facility would not reveal to those of the celebrity society funding them nor to those throughout the industry broadcasting their legally licensed TV and Cable programming across the rings surrounding me; The modern day origins of the word “fornication” is derived from the Latin word “fornix” meaning quite literally “An Archway” or “Vault.” According to the sources I reviewed, it is said of ancient Rome that prostitutes could be solicited “under the “Archways.” It could be said of modern day, with connotation and reference to the event of September 25, 2002; “if the celebrity society doesn’t remove and permanitly disconnect the “harlot” and her friends attempting to position themselves in the space of my body by electronically connecting herself and her friends to my personal sides, aura, and crown, so that I can once again resume bathing, using the toilet, and whatever else I want to do without having a junkie or her friends infringing upon my personal space, the celebrity society and the rest of the insiders throughout the industry attempting to broadcast their legally licensed programming will be able to see their “Harlot” and her friends stuffing their butt holes under the very much alive living “Arched Way,” an alive and vibrant being of living sole alive and well and “Arched” because another, more lasting version of September 25, 2002 is what is going to transpire. Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, November 23, 2006

For those that have forgotten or did not know; September 25, 2002 was the day the being that is the living light and his people folded three of the rings surrounding me in half and set them in an “arched” style fashion above his people and I which would have lasted for only a single evening but because of the drug addict woman the celebrities are still as of today Thursday, November 23, 2006 funding, lasted for several days until I left Tucson.

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