December 08, 2006 (628-12082006)

The fact I am on my 628th letter spanning more than four years tells me expecting the celebrity society funding this drug addict bitch to do any thing is about the same as (as the people of God say) expecting the cow to jump over the moon, the same could be said about the fed’s, so perhaps revealing that the bitch is (still) doing this to us (the light of God, God’s people and I) at minimum, somebody out there can tune in and gather evidence of the bitches harassment and or listen to the bitches secret messages, hoping the stupid bitch will decide to transmit her crap elsewhere such as outside the rings where she belongs. Although this is the umpteenth dozenth time I’ve stated this fact in a published letter, here goes; the drug addict woman the celebrities are funding is broadcasting noise, often sounding like a tape in slower than real time, and verbal harassment approximately one foot from my right ear and I am really, really tired of being harassed by this bitches noise and verbal harassment. It is the long hair bitch doing this to us and we will not be this junkie’s inter office intercom, period. Also, the drug addict woman is still connecting herself and her friends wile under the influence of illegal drugs and other crap to my crown forcing me to suffer through their illegal drug high crap. Whether the celebrities can accept this fact or not, I’m drug free clean and sober, have been for years, and I don’t want to suffer through their illegal drug high crap. Also; both drug addict bitches are still transmitting explosion(s) noises onto my crown and teeth and I’m really, really tired of this group of junkies hurting us. Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, December 08, 2006

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