December 20, 2006 (633-12202006)

Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump, You are a good man. I did not see the last Miss America Pageant, in fact, I quit the Miss America pageant when the Pageant defrocked Vanessa Williams for posing nude for playboy magazine which she did prior to her competing for the title in what more than likely was a need for money or an attempt to gain recognition which I believe she had hoped would help her break into the “business,” which at the time, and even today, I do not believe she should have been defrocked for. I do not know the current Miss America, thus will not vouch for her character however I believe your decision regarding the current fiasco regarding her was a good one that reveals a rather good quality soft spot in your personality that I admire which I have seen before, which is not by any means a weakness. To bad you weren’t the owner of the pageant and making decisions for them during Vanessa Williams’s year as “Miss America.” Not only do I think you’re a good man Mr. Trump, I believe you’ve got class, both of which I know to be qualities of the living sole of God and his people. Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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