December 23, 2006 (636-12232006)

I don’t care what is done with her, a garbage dump, a trash compacter, a shallow ditch, I really don’t care, but someone needs to get the long hair junkie off the light of God, and my brothers, and I. I don’t know how the rest of the industry has stomached this woman flapping her mouth all day long all these years but I’ve had enough. I can’t stomach the noise of her normal voice and I am sick and tired of suffering through the false electronic mask noise she causes that she thinks she’s hiding behind. Get the bitch off us and keep her off us, permanently. We are not willing to tolerate this woman nor the garbage she does any longer. Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ps. any “deals” this junkie claims to have had were between herself and her three or four friends, not between the light of God, and his people and I.

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