March 15, 2007 (710-03152007)

This morning Thursday, March 15, 2007 I personally witnessed the drug addict woman in the celebrity funded Kansas City facility (whose voice I recognized) instructing her friends to steel mail from my mailbox which in this case was a credit report I have been expecting and possibly a refund check. Last year (2006) because of the same drug addict woman steeling mail from my mailbox I personally filed a report with the postal inspector detailing all the information I knew about the woman including that I believed her name to be ether Mary or Catherine. What this means is the drug addict woman and her friends are still illegally compiling personal information about me they do not have a right of having and that they are in fact still steeling from me, and, as of today there has been absolutely no recourse against these thugs by the celebrity society funding them nor the federal government. Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, March 15, 2007

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