April 14, 2007 (731-04142007)

Believe it or not, just when you think the drug addict woman the celebrity society is funding had risk my life in every conceivable possible way, the drug addict woman finds yet another way to risk my life. Approximately one month ago, after more than a decade of not having an automobile, I, through the grace of God and God’s people, found another automobile, actually a van. Every since I the day I first drove the van home the drug addict woman the celebrity society is funding has been waving crap in my direct line of view as I’m driving down the street, and, as if that wasn’t bad enough, today, using the same camera and electronic devices in the celebrity funded Kansas City facility the celebrities are funding, began  transmitting images of small animals in front of the van as I’m driving causing me to react adversely literally risking my life yet again, and to make matters worse, she and her friends think doing such is so hilarious, that after doing such, she and her friends sat laughing about what they had done. Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, April 13, 2007

For the third time in less than a week, still using the tape and electronic device she uses to play the tape the drug addict woman again transmitted the same signal and again induced another comatose state of sleep wile I was cooking dinner and left me unconscious for more than an hour yesterday April 13, 2007 12:30PM through 1:40PM literally with my dinner cooking on the stove. Prior to this third time wile cooking in less than a week, on April 12, 2007 between 4:55PM through 6:45PM and then again this morning April 14, 2007 between approximately 7:45AM through 8:45AM wile broadcasting messages across my crown stating she was going to issue a warrant for my arrest. This bitch isn’t a policeman, she isn’t the sun’s judge ether, she is the Antichrist, and she isn’t going to quit attempting harming me until she is physically removed from the comfort and security of the celebrity funded Kansas City facility from which she is protected by the celebrity society and spies upon me. Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, April 14, 2007

Anybody out there know the true reason this drug addict woman began aiming the camera the celebrities are funding at the floor instead of the ceiling where it was intended to be aimed? I’ll tell you why, she and her friends began aiming the camera the celebrities are funding down instead of up upon the ceiling because she and her drug addict friends wanted to get pictures of my penis so she aimed the camera at my crotch wile I bathed and sat on the toilet. Then when those funding her activities didn’t take recourse against her for what she had done she decided she wanted to aim the camera at herself and force us all to stair at her butt ugly face but the being that is the living light wouldn’t carry her above the floor because she is the Antichrist so the only ring she could place herself on was the ring already upon the floor which was the lower half of my physical body and between my legs which caused her to need to aim the camera down at the floor and between my legs instead of up at the ceiling. That’s why the butt ugly bitch began aiming the camera at the floor and we’ve hated her every minute of every day. This drug addict woman should never have been given such a devise as the camera the celebrities gave her, the celebrity society should never have funded anyone with such a lack of integrity yet she’s still there aiming the camera at my crotch and the floor and the celebrity society is still funding her and her friends activities. Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another thing; the same drug addict woman is still attempting electronically attaching crap such as her putrid face crap to my chest which I can’t stomach and which still bothers me and put an unnecessary load upon my heart. AND, the same drug addict thugs, the same thugs the celebrity society are funding are still refusing to quit calling out my name on a daily bases. Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, April 14, 2007  

Another thing; I intend being away from my apartment the whole day tomorrow April 15, 2007. It would be nice if somebody could keep the drug addict woman that has been burglarizing my apartment away from my apartment. Stephen Wayne Reno Saturday, April 14, 2007

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