August 24, 2007 (796-08222007)

This morning Friday, August 24, 2007 at approximately 7:15AM I discovered what appears to be more food tampering within my apartment kitchen, this time, I have discovered what appears to be evidence that the drug addict woman burglarizing my apartment has placed some of the chemicals bought for her by the celebrities of the celebrity society that she has been using to tamper with my food in the coffee pot I make my morning coffee in which based upon examination upon the progression of what appears to be the chemicals the woman used, has been done sometime within the past 24 to 72 hours. Yesterday afternoon (August 23, 2007) I discovered what I believed to be evidence of the drug addict woman’s burglary that had occurred sometime within (from yesterday afternoon) the past 24 to 48 hours. 


During the early AM hours of this morning Friday, August 24, 2007 Approximately 1:30AM I was awaken by the same drug addict woman and her friends, one of whom is the drug addict woman running the tape across the background of the TV screen from the celebrity funded Kansas City facility, the very same drug addict woman and her friends whom had previously caused me to be rushed in an ambulance from circular key harbor in Sidney Australia to Sidney General Hospital the year 2000 because she and her friends were surging my chest with currents of voltage from the then celebrity funded facility, whom were again (during the early AM hours of this morning) surging my body with currents of voltage and hurting me physically.


Because of the constant harassment and bother being committed by the drug addict woman operating the celebrity’s camera and slide wheel crapola upon my right eye I have had to resort to buying, and wearing, an eye patch over my right eye to prevent the drug addict woman and her friends use of my right eye, which I blame upon the celebrities of the celebrity society whom are funding this drug addict woman’s activities.


Watching “Good Morning America” today Thursday, August 23, 2007, I witnessed yet another example of something that reminded me of a comment that I had spoken many times prior to today and just how true the comment is. “No matter how famous a person is, no matter how much their monetary wealth, there comes a time in the existence of every Homo sapiens, and I mean every Homo sapiens, when the need to pray to the one true living god and his people, or to the lord, or whatever the individual perceives to be that “higher power” comes.” There are so very many things that fame and money cannot buy. Unlike so very many others during the past 2000 years since the death of Jesus of Nazareth, the celebrities of this era and folks across the nation throughout other industries such as the Media, elected hierarchy of the federal government, and elsewhere, kings, queens, premiers, prim ministers, and literally  hundreds of folks across the planet that have been “insiders” including many clergy supposedly preaching the word of God, have had the opportunity during the past 46 plus years to be existing during an incarnation of the sun, during the days the sun lived as a Homo sapiens man. I believe the truth is that all those across the planet that have witnessed the sun have witnessed that he is a very unassuming individual that in truth, as of today, has not by any means asked for much from anybody. the one prevalent notice and the interesting truth of the matter is that wile millions and millions of Homo sapiens across the planet are, during every minute of the day and night and from every location on the planet asking the deity that is the lord and his God for something they want or hope for, one of the very few things that he himself asked of everyone across the planet that knew of him, and even the other things that he personally had asked of them, as of to date, has been ignored by everyone. The reason for my comment is for noting that sooner or later, when those whom have fame and money and or stature in the communities in which ewe live, many of whom have had 46 plus years opportunity to see, to greet, to help the sun, arrive at the time in their existence when they find it necessary to pray to and ask something of the one true God and his people or the lord, I hope the voices of God’s people cause them to remember the years and years and years he himself cried out for help wile those across the planet who knew him and of his cries looked the other way and or simply ignored his pleas for help. When the proverbial shoe is on the other foot and it is those across the planet who knew the sun lived and that he was crying out for help but was ignored by those whom are now wearing the shoe and are asking for help from him or his God, as their cries for help are ignored voices shall remind and cause them to remember that they did not have the time of day to bother helping him during his time(s) of need.

Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, August 23, 2007


It should be noted that during March of this year (2007) the people of God writing the “word” in my eyes noted that the weather would be such that it would be flooding; the drug addict woman in the celebrity funded Kansas City facility spying upon us that has been falsely attempting conning folks into believing the words being written in my eyes and upon the rings is her own works did the very same thing with this information that she did with the life saving information the people of God aired about 10 year old Pamela Butler October 1999, she hid the information and said absolutely nothing about what she had seen. So far the entire spring and summer of this very same year (2007) has been filled with flood after flood after flood from one end of the nation to the other. How many could have benefited if the drug addict woman had not been sitting there in a celebrity funded facility attempting preventing others throughout the industry from seeing the words the being that is the living soul and his people are writing in my eyes, if she hadn’t been attempting scamming others into believing the magnificence and intellect and intelligence of God and his people was her own works? Good question, what I know for certain is that because of this drug addict woman and her scam 10 year old Pamela Butler was raped, tortured and killed and then dumped in a wooded area where her body laid for more than two days wile volunteers searched for her even though the people of God aired facts noting both, the location he held her before he killed her and the location where he dumped her body after he killed her. I also know that the guilty woman is the same drug addict woman that has been burglarizing my apartment and tampering with my food. I also know the celebrities, knowing these facts to be true, are still funding this same drug addict woman’s activities. Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday, August 23, 2007

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