October 22, 2007 (842-10222007)

Shortly after publishing the previous letter (841-10222007 published approximately 8:45AM this morning Monday, October 22, 2007 on Http://stephenwaynereno.spaces.live.com ) the same drug addict woman whose activities and crack house facility of electronics are still as of today Monday, October 22, 2007 being funded by the celebrities of the celebrity society, attempting seeking revenge against me because I told the truth in my letter of testimony, deliberately, using the electronic devices within the celebrity funded Kansas City facility caused another series of swollen welts upon the upper and lower portion (just above and below the knees including the bend of my knees) on both my legs and around the “ring” finger of my right hand that are worse than the series of swollen welts the same drug addict woman deliberately caused yesterday October 21, 2007 which was serious enough to go to the emergency room over obviously indicating nothing has as of today Monday, October 22, 2007 has been done by the celebrities funding this drug addict woman and the methamphetamine drug lab full of electronic devices she and her friends are housed within and use to harm me the crap she and her friends do to force them to quit electronically connecting themselves and other objects including the currents of voltage to my personal sides, aura and crown which is in fact how she and her friends are deliberately causing the massive swollen welts (and other sores) upon my body. Something must transpire to force this woman and her friends to completely disconnect themselves and the other crap they electronically connect to my personal sides, aura, and crown permanently and prevent them from electronically connecting their crap including themselves to the body of soul and his people and I forever and whatever needs to transpire obviously isn’t being done by the celebrities funding this drug addict harlot and her friends. Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, October 22, 2007

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