December 31, 2007 (883-12282007)

Upon returning to my apartment this afternoon Monday, December 31, 2007 after being away shortly before, during, and after moonset, because of the fact the woman deliberately moved belongings of mine that do not belong to her I could determine the same drug addict woman that has been burglarizing my apartment had again slithered up onto my back porch. I do not at this time know what all the woman did wile trespassing upon the apartment complex property but am certain that the woman was in fact upon my back porch sometime between 8:30AM through 1:05PM today December 31, 2007 which is just that much more proof the bitch is not going to stay away from my apartment and belongings of her own free will and that as of today Monday, December 31, 2007 the celebrities funding this bitches operation have done nothing whatsoever to make her stay away from my apartment and I. Those throughout the business community will remember the words “I told you so” upon experiencing the hardships they shall encounter during the coming months as a result of the celebrity society still funding this drug addict bitch and her friends refusal to keep their (the celebrities) Harlot and her friends away from our apartment and belongings which has forced us to leave the state of Missouri to get away from the woman and her friends. When they (the business community) do, they should point the finger at the celebrities still funding this bitches operation and the coward in the Oval Office still looking the other way as she (the harlot) and her friends continued committing the long history of criminal activity against us.

Stephen Wayne Reno Monday, December 31, 2007


At approximately 2:30PM this afternoon December 30, 2007 I noticed the coffee pot in my apartment kitchen had been turned on which I know for a fact was turned off before I left my apartment which means the drug addict woman still being funded by the celebrities of the celebrity society has once again burglarized my apartment and has deliberately, for the third (possibly more) or fourth time deliberately turned on the empty coffee pot very possibly attempting causing an electrical fire in my apartment. Because of the fact this has been done on more than one occasion prior to today (December 30, 2007) I have been extremely diligent in insuring the appliances were turned off before leaving my apartment. It is this diligent checking of the appliances that causes me to believe the woman has in fact been deliberately burglarizing my apartment and during the burglaries deliberately turning on the empty coffee pot. Further, I have reason to believe, although I am not certain, that the same drug addict woman burglarized my vehicle yesterday evening December 29, 2007 or during the early AM hours of this morning December 30, 2007 wile my vehicle was parked in the parking lot of a local nightclub and stole from me during the burglary. Stephen Wayne Reno Sunday, December 30, 2007


As of sunset hour today Friday, December 28, 2007, as with 99.999 percent of the previous days and times wile driving in my vehicle since March 19, 2007 (the day I bought the vehicle) the same drug addict woman still being funded by the celebrity society is still regularly deliberately waving her pen and other crap in front of my direct line of view every time I get in my automobile to drive deliberately intentionally obstructing my vision and making driving very hazardous witch the celebrities funding this harlots operation still haven’t done a dang thing to stop and or prevent. Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, December 28, 2007


The same guilty drug addict woman guilty of deliberately causing literally hundreds of sores upon my body deliberately caused yet another welt upon my forehead this morning December 28, 2007 at 8:24AM.

Stephen Wayne Reno Friday, December 28, 2007


At this precise time 9:19AM December 27, 2007 the dead woman the celebrity society has been funding the activities of has electronically connected herself to my body and is in the process of attempting doing illegal drugs and has deliberately caused another welt upon my right leg between my knee and my ankle. Stephen Wayne Reno Thursday December 27, 2007

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