January 02, 2008 (884-01012007)

During the early AM hours of this morning Wednesday, January 02, 2008 the same drug addict woman guilty of all the previous instances mentioned in many of the more than nearly nine hundred letters of true testimony spanning March 2002 through today January 02, 2008, still using the same facility of electronic devices still being funded by the same American celebrity society, again, as she did during the early AM hours of December 31, 2007 which caused me to miss the last moonrise of the year (2007) and literally thousands of times before since 1994 deliberately transmitted the same flashing lights signal onto the spectrum of my eyes and vision deliberately inducing yet another comatose state of sleep causing me to miss the moon rising above the hill west of my apartment back door which I had contemplated hoping to see.


At approximately 3:44AM this morning, as she and her friends have also done  literally dozens and dozens of times before, the same drug addict woman awoke me deliberately jolting me in the penis with voltage she and her friends deliberately electronically connected to my crotch using the same computer setup from the same celebrity funded Kansas City facility wile simultaneously jolting herself in the prostate gland with voltage from a wire she had inserted into her own rectum wile electronically connected to my aura and personal sides all of which she and her friends deliberately rigged attempting to force me to orgasm to the crap she and her friends were doing exactly as repeated testimony in letter after letter after letter of previously written and published testimony describes that she and her friends have  done before.


Obviously the new year has not brought any relief nor change from the celebrities of the American celebrity society obviously still funding the activities of and facility of electronic devices used by the drug addict Harlot and her three or four drug addict  friends and the crimes against the soul of God and his people and I they have spent years committing nor the coward in the Oval Office and Federal Goverment obviously still looking the other way as this woman and her friends continue hiding their crimes against the soul of God and his people behind the fame of the celebrities funding their activities and operation and facility of electronic devices.


January 01, 2008 marks the beginning of the sixth calendar year I personally have wasted my time and effort composing letters of true testimony seeking help hoping to rid the soul of God and his people and I of the Harlot and her three or four drug addict friends and their supposed company commissioned and funded by the celebrities of the 46 plus year old American celebrity society.

Stephen Wayne Reno Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Upon returning from an approximate one hour away from my apartment today Tuesday, January 01, 2008, I immediately noticed evidence that the drug addict woman that has been repeatedly burglarizing my apartment wile the feds looked the other way, obviously still going strong with celebrity money and dropping names of fame for protection, had burglarized my apartment again today during the approximate hour I was away (between 11:45PM and 1:15PM), and, based upon my personal witness, noticed evidence of what appears to be two separate types of food tampering that was committed during the burglary. Also, shortly after noticing the above, I noticed what appears to be another burglary of my vehicle between the same period of time (between 11:45PM and 1:15PM today Tuesday, January 01, 2008) and what appears to be another theft from the vehicle during the burglary which pretty much says it all doesn’t it. Stephen Wayne Reno Tuesday, January 01, 2008

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